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Independence Day is a moment of pride and glory for any country. It holds even more significance for India because of the struggles and sacrifices endured for our freedom. Countless numbers of freedom

fighters sacrificed their lives to free the country from the clutches of British who ruled the country for almost 200 years. Independence Day in India is a national festival, celebrated across the length and breadth of the country with much fanfare and enthusiasm. The Indian Prime Minister unfurls the national flag at the Red Fort. The ceremony is further accentuated with highlights like guns salute, colorful performances and patriotic shows. It is a highly proud moment for the Indian citizens.

In Dwarka, pomp and gaiety marked the 77th Independence Day celebrations. Here India’s Independence

Day was celebrated with flag hoisting ceremonies that were held in each and every society of Dwarka.

Cultural programmes were organized in different parts of Dwarka, in schools and in societies that added colour to the celebrations. Patriotic songs were presented in schools that were aesthetically decorated. Dwarka being the melting pot of all cultures, Independence Day celebrations witnessed the active participation from members of all the religions and cultures. Thus, this day unifies India in an unprecedented way. All over Dwarka societies were decorated and flags and buntings adorned the roads.

There is a tradition of kite flying and the sky was dotted with colourful kites. Balconies and rooftops were full of kite enthusiasts in many societies and one could hear cheerful shouts of children as the kites soured into the sky.

Udyansh Chadha, a student of Basava International School enthusiastically informs, “Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm in my society. First of all, all sang the national anthem, after which, they hosted a kite flying competition. My family and I really enjoyed it. We flew kites all day, ate tricolor sweets and snacks and danced on patriotic songs. Overall, we had a lot of fun. A big salute to all our freedom fighters who gave us this freedom and our country back to us.”

Here’s a round-up of I-day celebrations in Dwarka-

Sneh Kunj- Independence Day celebration was held on the ground of Sneh Kunj on 14th August. The angels of Sneh Kunj participated in the event with lot of enthusiasm. The function began with the Flag Hoisting by K N Singh -President, H C P A. The participants sang National Anthem together.

Children also performed on patriotic songs and enjoyed the day.

Shree Ram World School -

The School celebrated the 77th Independence Day with great enthusiasm and vigour. The theme of the event revolved around exploring the journey of Red Fort through time.

Mesmerising performances were put together by students which narrated the tale of the historical marvel. The event was in line with the theme of the year’s Independence Day—Nation First, Always First. The festivities kicked off with the Chairman of the school, S. K. Sachdeva, proudly unfurling the national flag. A tribute was paid to the heroes, who sacrificed their lives for India’s Independence.

The festive echo was enriched by a vibrant array of cultural performances that vividly portrayed India’s evolution from gloomy centuries of colonial rule to hard-fought independence.

The event ignited a spark of patriotism in the hearts of every participant. Ms. Sudha Sadangi, Head of School, lauded the efforts of everyone and waxed lyrical on the country’s growth and its ambitions.

G. D. Goenka Public School-

‘Freedom is never dear at any price. It is the breath of life.’

-Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose The Independence Day Assembly was held at the school with great fervour and enthusiasm, commemorating India's 77th Independence Day. The event aimed to instill a sense of patriotism and unity among students while paying homage to the nation's history and freedom fighters.

The highlight of the event was a series of captivating speeches and poems, that recounted the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters.

Students eloquently spoke about the significance of Independence Day and the importance of preserving the values that bind our diverse nation together.

The event also featured a cultural program that showcased the rich cultural heritage of India. The students’ indefatigable performance in the form of dance and ‘Nukkad Natak’ depicted the unity in diversity that defines our nation and enthralled the audience.

Seema Apartments, Sector 11 –

Nation First, Always First, an integral part of broader “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav” celebration, the theme for this year’s celebration marking 76 years of freedom and transfer of power. As a part of the proud celebrations of the 77th Independence Day, the society organized a grand function beginning with flag hoisting followed by various cultural programs invluding patriotic, performance by children. The children presented their skill through songs and dance performances. The tiny tots sang patriotic songs viz., “Nanna Munna Rahi Hoon Desh Ka Sipahi Hoon”,  “Vande Mataram Vande Mataram “, “Takhat Watan Ki Hum Se Hai”. Some children danced to patriotic songs. The ladies sang the all-time evergreen song “Sare Jahan Se Achha Hindustan Hamara."

Joy CGHS, Sector-2 - 

The Independence Day (15 August, 2023) was celebrated with joy and great Enthusiasm. The flag was hoisted  by R B Trivedi, President along with few Sr. Citizens of the society followed with national anthem.

The president addressed the members and their families. He proudly remembered the great freedom fighters and paid respect and honour to the great freedom fighters, whose exemplary sacrifices, brought freedom to from foreign rule. He also remembered our brave soldiers who are protecting our country, he spoke about importance and value of Independence and our duty to preserve and protect the same. The children presented cultural performances, including reciting patriotic song and dances. A Kavita path was presented by the renowned poet Mohinder Sharma. Secretary Mahesh Chand Pandey informed that few residents addressed the gathering and children were rewarded with prizes.

Durga Puja CGHS- 

The celebrations started with the hoisting the tri colour followed by singing of National Anthem by the residents present to celebrate the occasion. Kids and ladies of the society sang the patriotic songs. All participants enjoyed the celebrations.

Shivlok CGHS-

With great enthusiasm, the children and adults of the society gathered in a large number to celebrate Independence Day on 15' August. The flag was hoisted by a few super senior citizens of this society, followed by recital of National Anthem. The children, the members and the residents recited patriotic songs, acts, and poems, which reminded all about the sacrifices made by various heroes, who got Independence for India. All the presentations inculcated a sense of patriotism and dedication to do whatever one can do for the Nation in its journey of progress. 


 FoRWAS celebrated the 77th Independence Day on 15th August 2023 at DDA Park No. 3, Sector- 9.  The National Flag was hoisted by the senior most citizen Vinod Kumar of Sri Radha CGHS in the august presence of A K Tandon, R P Kaushal, Lt. Col. C M Upreti, D B Singh, Sunil Kumar, K D Wadhwa, Atul Kumar Tomar, Peshwani, S K Bhatnagar and Adv. Dr. K S Bhati, President. Residents including women and children were dressed in national costumes. National Anthem was sungby the enthusiastic gathering. 

MCPA School- 

Dr. Rajesh Yadav and Dr. Sheela Yadav joined as the Chief Guest in MCPC School, Sector- 7 for the celebration of Independence Day and had a wonderful experience with young children.  The theme of Independence Day was celebrated "Nation First and Always First". Dr. Rajesh Yadav shared the benefits of Yoga and health. The meritorious students were rewarded by Principal Mrs. Kiran Bala Sharma and chief guest.

New Jai Bharat-  

The National Flag was hosted by children of the society who have passed the 12th standard examination this year with flying colours.  Patriotic songs, poems were sung by the residents. Sports activities for all ages were organised and prizes were given to all the participants and winners. Kite flying competition was an added attraction. 

Bhawalpur CGHS- Sector 6-

The society celebrated 77th Independence Day with full enthusiasm and gaiety. Besides flag hoisting and address by the President, the meritorious students of the society who scored more than 95 percent in their Board Exams this year were felicitated with cash rewards. Junior students, who recited poems, gave dance performance were also suitably rewarded. Society complex was decked with the tricolour presenting a very festive look.

Paramount International School -

A spirited and patriotic celebration was held at the school premises. The event brought together children, teachers and staff to commemorate the historic day when India gained its freedom from colonization. The tri-color national flag was unfurled by Mrs. R. L. Saroha, the Managing Director followed by the release of tri colour balloons. The national anthem echoed through the surroundings, filling everyone with a sense of unity and patriotism. A cultural program showcased the rich heritage and diversity of India. Students presented mesmerizing performances, including patriotic songs and dance. Students also played instrumental music adding the patriotic fervour.  Mrs. Saroha addressed the children, emphasizing the importance of unity, progress, and preserving the hard-fought freedom. She also acknowledged the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters who paved the way for India's independence. Students delivered thought provoking speeches highlighting the significance of Independence Day and the values it represents. They discussed the importance of unity, diversity, and the responsibility each citizen holds in maintaining the integrity of our country. 

Prerna CGHS- 

Independence Day was celebrated in the society by hoisting National Flag by Shrinarayan Singh, Sr. most resident - aged 92 years. Cultural programme by residents and children were the highlights of Independence Day Celebrations.

Panchsheel CGHS- Sector 4:

Society's residents and children presented songs, poems and dance on patriotic themes. During the function, society also honoured and awarded children, residents and guards, who showed extra courage and did a brave job in dousing the fire in a society's flat even before the fire brigade personnel arrived at the scene.

Dwarka Kalibari- 

Dwarka Kalibari organized a flag hoisting ceremony to celebrate Independence Day. Many people came and attended the event. Post flag hoisting sweets and fruits were distributed among the attendees and those in need.

SnS Pathshala- 

The love the respect and the zest were visible at all the centers of SnS Pathshala on the occasion of 77th Independence Day celebrations. The uniqueness of the program was about 150 children  and mentors of Amberhai Pathshala marched in the lanes of the village proudly carrying the National flag high and singing the patriotic songs like Aie vatan, Aie Vatan, Hamko Teri kasam, Teri Rahon Mein Jaan Tak Luta Jayenge. The atmosphere was filled with patriotism.  The children and mentors of SnS depicted great enthusiasm as well as creativity of their talent through their participations. Cilcily Kodian, president of the ANHLGT, Neeru Gupta, and Ms Vidhi a retired professor from Delhi University graced the occasion. Usha Zalpuri informed that a pledge was taken that SnS that it will work more rigorously for the equal opportunities of all sections of society and a new direction will be given to the dreams of the children.

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