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Dwarka City was started in 2003 when like any developing city Dwarka too was finding its own place in the city. Dwarka was not only fighting issues but had lot of opportunities’ for social activists and business entrepreneurs. Dwarka needed a local newspaper that could be voice of all Dwarkities!

Since inception, Dwarka City has brought up the issues of sanitation, security, traffic, illegal construction and day-to-day concerns of water and electricity. It has successfully embraced the civil role by promoting the general welfare of the community. Dwarka City has tried to be a platform to bring citizens and government officials together; and facilitate healthy and constructive interactions. Through Dwarka City newspaper, achievements get adequately highlighted and complaints are taken to the relevant authorities. The efforts have made big difference to the quality of life in this sub city. Its role goes beyond being just a ‘spokesperson’ of the sub city! During the years, it has tried to be a catalyst to bring together people. Festivals, celebrations and occasions of joy are all ways of creating this bonding; and Dwarka City has tried to be a part of all these.

Dwarka City’s informative, incisive and eye opening reports along with visual impact has helped bring many issues to the fore. No one can deny that the civic amenities in Dwarka have improved and are still improving.

The newspaper was started with a circulation of 15,000 copies and today it has 40,000 copies and growing every year.

Working in the same direction, Dwarka City Directory was launched in 2005. The Directory is a ready reckoner and user friendly guide to everything in Dwarka. It is a compilation of address and telephone numbers of all essential service in Dwarka like schools, shops, pharmacy, restaurant, banks; and emergency services like hospital, police, doctors, DJB, BSES, DDA etc. The directory brings all the vital statics of Dwarka at the resident’s doorstep.

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