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New Delhi:
A Veer Nari (as warrior widows are called), had a harrowing experience when a fake insurance identity approached her coercing her into sharing her details and manipulating on the pretext of helping her with future remittances. Another one could not get the state government to provide her due compensation of her soldier husband’s death in an accident.  

There are some who have got physically disabled while in service were forced to resign, some working in ECHS were transferred to places far away from their homes which entailed travelling long distance leaving small children & old parents behind. Such stories abound limitless.  

When a soldier dies in war his family is provided all benefits that he is entitled to. Even when a soldier dies in peacetime, by accident or disease, although he/his family is entitled to certain benefits but its not always that the family has a smooth sail.  

Metamorphes Foundation, an NGO working for the cause of Veer Naris’ or Veeranganas’ (war widows as they are called), in their outreach initiative to help them get their rightful claims, in a way hand holding them, interacted with a group of a 13 war widows in New Delhi’s Dwarka. The interaction was aimed at creating awareness of government policies and initiatives designed to support them, as well as the Foundation’s efforts to assist this vulnerable and deserving group.

Co Founder & Head Media of MetaMorphes Foundation, Priti Prakash, provided them insights into the implementation process. Colonel Shubhendu Bose, part of the Team of Interns from Amity University offered individual consultations to address personal concerns and assist Veer Naris in completing Survey forms and other necessary paperwork. A team of five volunteers from Amity School of Communication interning with Metamorphes Foundation, under their Social Outreach and Community Development Program are helping them.

In order that no one of them is cheated, hoodwinked or taken for a ride by anyone, these war widows were made aware of various government policies and schemes meant for Veer Naris, such as educational scholarships, financial assistance & about Pension Payment Order(PPO). The team organized informative sessions to help Veer Naris understand the benefits of these policies. 
An interactive question-and-answer session was conducted to address their specific queries and concerns.

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