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Holi, the festival of colors, was celebrated with joy and enthusiasm across Dwarka as people gathered in large numbers, swaying to lively beats amidst a cloud of vibrant Gulal in various shades - green, red, yellow, and purple. Holi marks the arrival of spring, enveloping the air with warmth and a sense of celebration. Rooted in the enduring love between Lord Krishna and Radha, colors hold profound symbolism dating back to ancient times. They represent the vibrations of light, resonating with our emotions on this auspicious day. This vibrant festival infuses life with fragrance and joy.

"It's a day where inhibitions are cast aside, though within the bounds of etiquette and respect for one another. Holi brings out the fun-loving spirit in both the young and old," says Shubhangi Monga, encapsulating the festive mood shared by all sections of society. The festivities commenced a day earlier with the traditional 'Holika Dahan,' where many societies arranged bonfires in their compounds. Holi holds religious and historical significance in Hindu texts, with a well-known mythological tale featuring King Hiranyakashyapu and his devout son Prahlad. Despite the king's efforts to suppress devotion to Lord Vishnu, Prahlad's unwavering faith prevails, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil. Today, Holi presents an opportunity for families, friends, and loved ones to reunite and celebrate together, infusing life with vibrant colors and shared joy. The festival encourages people to transcend barriers of caste and creed, fostering unity and warmth among all. On the day of Holi itself, residents organized community celebrations, Holi gatherings, and get- together. "Residents came together for a fun-filled Holi celebration followed by a communal lunch. In adherence to the tradition of playing a safe Holi, we opted for organic colors, with some even making natural colors at home. Increased awareness about chemical colors has made a positive impact over the years," shares Rajendra Sharma, a resident. Children reveled in the festivities, enjoying laughter, snacks, and camaraderie. Kanha Goel expresses disappointment at being unable to participate due to upcoming board exams, while others like Ritika Chadha relished the carefree spirit of the day, enjoying water and color play responsibly. Sumptuous lunches were organized in most societies, featuring traditional delicacies like gujiya, dahi bhalla, and gol gappas. Madhulika Jain describes the delectable spread at her society, where a halwai prepared fresh chhole bhature and chowmein, delighting everyone after a day of colorful revelry. Throughout Dwarka, plates were emptied of crunchy gujiyas, sev, laddoos, and other sweets, accompanied by tall glasses of refreshing coolers like lassi and thandai, shared among both young and old as they smeared each other with gulal, spreading joy and happiness. Many social and religious organizations also celebrated Holi with lot of zeal and had organized programmes and Holi Milans.

Dwarka Chitragupt Samaj- Holi was celebrated with joy and verve on 24th March. The members of Chitrgupt Samaj, all splashed with different hues of colours started trouping in from 11 am and the enthusiasm of the people reached its peak by noon. As Holi is the only festival that gives so much liberty to the people to let their hair loose and enjoy their hidden crazy self, the members were seen having a gala time. They splashed each other with colours, gulal and it was masti and dhoom all through. The members of the Samaj greeted each other and all differences of any sorts were drowned in water. There was a sumptuous lunch with traditional Holi gujias and other dishes. According to Mukesh Sinha, Patron, “Holi Milan Samaroh is organized every year and this helps the society to mix with each other and enjoy the festival. Usually, songs, dance, and feasts are the major highlight every year. This year we organised Kavi sammelan and Radha Krishna Jhanki. It was a huge hit and liked by all.” Mani Bhushan Sinha, President said, “The highlight of the Samaroh was Kavi Sammelan. The kavis regaled the audience with fun, laughter and gig and the whole atmosphere was made light with Hasya kavitas. The kavis, who recited poetry full of wit are Ramesh Kumar Gangele, Rajesh Chanchal and Rashmi Mishra. A frequent face on TV channels, Ramesh has also performed shows in Malaysia and Singapore. He has conducted more than 150 Kavi Sammelan across the country, and has also participated in various discussions and seminars.” There was cheering from the crowd and all the audience were appreciative of the poems recited by kavis. The programme was liked by many and the atmosphere was jubilation, Holi euphoria and festivity.

Rotary Club of Delhi Govinda- The Rotary Club of Delhi Govinda, Dwarka celebrated Holi Milan Samaroh in Priyanka Banquet Hall, Sector -10, Dwarka in a big way with the attendees of about 300 people including club members with family. Sixteen NGOs of Dwarka, who are doing social services were felicitated by RCD Govinda. PDG Rtn. Sudhir Mangla and PP Rtn. Arun Roongta graced the occasion with their presence as special guests and four PHF certificates were presented by our guests to the members of our club. Ram Niwas Gahlot, counselor of Dwarka - A also participated. According to Rtn. S P Singh, President, said the event was very successful as every person enjoyed fun, dance, jokes and high tea. The highlights of the event were hasya Kavi Sammelan by renowned kavi PB Mishra and Mahender Sharma and Radha Krishna Jhanki and Phoolon wali Holi.

Chandanwari Apartment, Sector 10 - Celebrated Holi Festival with enthusiasm as the society erupted with colors and joy as residents came together to celebrate the vibrant festival of Holi. Managed under the esteemed leadership of President Arun Dwivedi and Secretary Azad Singh Solanki, the event witnessed a jubilant gathering of residents and their families. The festivities commenced with a burst of energetic DJ music that set the perfect tone for the colorful day ahead. Residents and guests alike immersed themselves in the spirit of Holi, splashing vibrant hues on one another, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil and the arrival of spring. This was followed by the serving of delectable snacks. President Arun Dwivedi and Secretary Azad Singh Solanki added, “Holi is not just a festival of colors; it's a celebration of togetherness and unity. Chandanwari Apartment embodies these values."

Panchsheel Apartments - This year residents celebrated Holi and were particular about using organic, natural and herbal colours which are always preferable to synthetic colours since synthetic colours can be harmful to the skin. There was lip-smacking food and music that made it a rocking affair.

Bal Vihar – The festival of colors was celebrated by the children & staff of Bal Vihar Children Home. They applied dry colors on each other and danced to the tune of holi songs. They also enjoyed special dishes like kheer, gujia & other home-made sweets etc. Wg. Cdr. K. L. Kapoor, Director, Bal Vihar Children Home thanked all well- wishers & donors who have contributed for the cause of underprivileged children.

Prabhavi Apartment, Sector-10 – Informs Nitin Khirwar, President, “Holi - The Festival of Colors draws people together, from listening to stories about the legends of Hiranyakashipu, Prahlad, and Holika over a comfortable bonfire the night before to pouring colours on one another the next morning and putting a tikka on loved ones' foreheads with respect. People of all ages turned up showering each other with colours and gulal”.

Mass Apartments, Sector 10 - The vibrancy of colors is something that brings in a lot of positivity in our lives and Holi being the festival of colours is actually a day worth rejoicing. According to Shashi Jain “We at Mass Apartments played with Abeer with our friends and families as a gesture of love and respect to our close ones with Abeer”.

Delhi Apartments, Sector 22 – Residents celebrated Holi dancing to festive music, and enjoying delicious snacks and drinks and smearing each other with red, green, blue and pink powder, turning the air into a joyful kaleidoscope of colour.

Chitrakoot Apartments, Sector 22 - Residents greeted Holi with all colours and celebrated the festival with pomp and splendour with people smearing each other with gulal. There was a lot of fun, dancing to popular Holi songs followed by a get together of residents for snacks and gujiya.

Royal Green Apartments, Sector 11 - Holi was celebrated with much fervour and with the participation from all residents. According to Rohit Uberoi, President, there was a lot of fun for everybody who enjoyed the company of friends and neighbours in enjoying applying gulal dancing to music. Children had an exciting day as well. The celebrations concluded with snacks and sweets.

DPS CGHS, Sector 4 - Residents and children celebrated the festival by drenching one another in colored powder while others flung water balloons filled with colored water from balconies. Some used water guns to chase down their friends in the society parks, and others danced on the streets to music.

U.F. APARTMENTS, Sector- 6 - Residents got together and also lit large bonfires the night before the festival to commemorate the triumph of good over evil. Holi was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and participation by residents. This was followed by sumptuous lunch.

Peepal Apartments – It was the day to recreate the spirit of unity, friendship and a will to forget the past and let the present take over our lives. Children and adults were seen smearing colours on each other. Food and drink are a big part of the festivities. Residents had snacks, gujiya and also the traditional thandai. 

Santosh Apartment, Sector 6 - Residents celebrated Holi with full enthusiasm. Pooja and the ritual of Holika Dahan was performed by residents together. On Holi all residents played with organic gulal and plain water in the society park area trying to spread environmental awareness. This way water was not wasted but got utilized for the park. Dr. Neeru Kiran Banerjee, senior consultant gynaecologist, Past President, Indian Medical Association, Dwarka, says that during the Holi festival, adults and children play together so this is the best way our children automatically learn about the environment, eco- friendly behaviour, saving water, brotherhood, forgiving and sharing habits. Even the society guards and manager were invited in the celebrations. The best part of this festival is that it not only symbolizes the triumph of good over evil but also spreads love and brotherhood, brings people of different cultures, religions and states together, increases bonding and provides business opportunities to small businessmen of our country.

Kumaoni Holi : The musical ecstasy of Kumaoni Holi has three varied forms of celebration, namely the Baithki Holi, the Khari Holi and the Mahila Holi. Among the Kumaoni people, this cultural festival depicts the victory of good over evil as well as the end of the winter season and the beginning of the sowing season, which is a highly important season for the agricultural communities of Northern India. Kumaoni Holi witnesses unique ways of celebration, which are different from the Holi celebrations in the other parts of our country. A baithki Holi was celebrated by Ms. Rekha Singh at Swami Dayanand Apartment, Sector- 6 where women from Uttarakhand and her friends joined and had great fun and frolic. The women sang and danced and smeared gulal on each other followed by sumptuous snacks.

New Kanchanjunga Appt, Sector 23 - Residents celebrated Holi & Holika Dahan in the premises of society. On Holika Dahan day, Pandit ji performed puja and fire lit by the Secretary MP Arun Kumar. A large number of residents participated. On Holi, children, ladies sang songs, danced together and threw colors on each other. The happiest part was that all residents including ladies and gents as well as children participated in good numbers. This shows the unity and harmony of society. The whole program was organised by D C Mathur and office bearers of the society. Snacks and lunch were served during the celebrations.

Shivlok Apartments, Sector 6 – the residents of Shivlok enjoyed the holi celebrations with Rang Barse playing on loudspeakers and later enjoying delicacies like gujiya and namkeen.

Sukh Dukh Ke Sathi - Holi milan was celebrated at the park behind Sadbhawna Apartment. During Holi Milan Samaroh.

Mansarovar Apartments, Sector 5 - The colourful festival of Holi was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm & josh. The Holi was played with herbal colours and gulal among the residents. There was a lot of fun & frolic, performances, songs, and dance which ended with lunch. The Holi function was attended by 150 residents.

Palam Apartments – residents celebrated the festival of colour of springs with utmost joy and enthusiasm with their friends and families and showed love and respect to their close ones with abeer- gulal.

Himalayan Apartments, Sector- 22 - Residents smeared Gulaal and threw water balloons at each other. The entire society came together and celebrated Holi with unbridled zest and vigour.

Vidya Sagar Appt. Sector-6: Holi celebrations in our society were graced by the presence of ACP Sub Division Dwarka, Madan Lal Meena and SHO Dwarka South Police Station, Ashish Dubey along with members of the Managing Committee Saurabh Seth, Vice President & Treasurer, Ms. Anita Sinha, Member, Pramod Kumar Jain - President, Mayank Jain - Member, Rajesh Dhunna - Member & Kailash Jain.

ANHGLT- Holi was celebrated by ANHLGT with full masti. Message to play safe Holi was conveyed. Tambola was loved by all along with delicious snacks and drinks.

Panchsheel Apartments Sector-4: Holi was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and participation by residents. Children and adults alike joined in the fun, smearing colorful powder on each other's faces and dancing to lively music. The celebrations were followed by sumptuous lunch.

Anusandhan Apartment - Sector 6 - Residents celebrated the vibrant festival of Holi with fervor and joy. The community came together to mark the occasion with colors, music, and Ashirwad Apartments, Sector-12 - This year there were elaborate arrangements for the celebration of Holi with DJ, Breakfast, Lunch, colours and sweets. Residents of entire society participated with great enthusiasm.

PNB Apartment, Sector 4 - The festival celebrates the divine love between the Hindu god Krishna and his consort Radha, and signifies a time of rebirth and rejuvenation, embracing the positive and letting go of negative energy. Residents were in a joyful mood as the air was filled with the sound of music, and had a great time, playing with colours and applying gulal to everyone. Events like these not only bring joy to our lives but also strengthen the fabric of our community. It was delightful to see everyone coming together to make this celebration a resounding success." The celebrations culminated with a sumptuous lunch, where residents savored traditional delicacies.

Manipal Hospital: Manipal Hospital Dwarka hosted a spectacular Holi celebration that brought the community together. Employees set up stalls selling a variety of items, such as food, purses and crafts, adding to the cheerful atmosphere. Attendees had a good time playing games and listening to music, which contributed to the festive atmosphere. The celebration also recognized talented children in the community. Winners of the preceding month's drawing competition were awarded prizes, and their artwork was displayed on calendars handed as keepsakes to children and attendees.


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