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Broken Direction Boards Confusing Residents

Today, most of the city’s infrastructure is badly maintained and in dire need of repair or restoration. Many such facilities are also creating tiresome hassles or risks for citizens. Few main roads are affected by a huge, broken direction sign board. People are demanding that the authorities concerned take immediate action to restore the board, and take heed of their numerous complaints. The damaged signboard is made up of a heavy aluminum sheet that has been torn out and is hanging onto the road. Another worry is that it could fall and cause an accident. If this leads to the loss of life or property, who will take responsibility for it?” There is a broken sign board near Sector-10 red light. The sign board gives directions to new commuters and commuters get confused due to damaged sign boards. Another broken direction board can be seen at sector-20. The board is there, erect, sans signs and directions. The sticker on the board is missing. The direction board structure serves no purpose. Why aren’t the concerned department personnel doing the needful? What are they waiting for?

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