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Water Logging Woes

Due to continuous rainfall, many parts of the sub city have witnessed severe waterlogging on roads. Some of these areas are near the Sectors 9, 12 and 14 metro stations. Says N P Singh, "A couple of hours of heavy downpour expose the preparedness of different agencies as many areas across the city remain submerged in water for hours". Informs Dr. Vipul Garg, "The big drains were overflowing while there was stagnant water in our locality. It receded only after 3-4 hours". The solid waste dumps lying alongside the open drains also poses unhygienic conditions as the waste got wet in rain. It has started smelling.n The commuters also faced problems due to the waterlogging on roads during the peak hours. Informs Bhaskar Dey,"It has become a regular feature here whenever there is a heavy downpour. Bigger vehicles can pass easily but two-wheelers face major problem while moving through".

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