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Dwarka Chirtragupta Samaj celebrated Chirtagupta Puja on 15th November at DDA community hall, Sector-19, behind St Mary’s school, Dwarka with great fanfare. Dwarka Chitragupta Samaj is an organisation founded to maintain and promote the traditions of Kayasthas in the sub-city. It aims to promote the traditional values of Kayasthas, especially hard work and honesty. The Kayashtha community has established excellence in academic, administration, legal justices, and science and fine-arts. The Samaj strive to fight social injustice in society. They instil values of religion and culture. Academics have a very important place in the life of a Kayastha. Thus, on the day of Chitragupta Puja members of Dwarka Chitragupt Samaj performed the Chitragupt Puja collectively. The Puja was held in the morning at 9 am. The puja is also known as Dawat (Inkpot) Puja, in which the books and pen are worshipped, symbolizing the importance of study in the life of a Kayastha.

Shree Chitragupt Jee Maharaaj is divine incarnation in human form called Kayastha, since he is the only creation of Lord Brahma, created in entirety [KAYA] from the Lords' body, unlike the other 16 sons who were created only from various parts of the body. Shree Chitragupt Jee Maharaaj ( hence the Kayastha's) were accorded a dual cast status, namely Kshatriya [Warrior] and Brahmin [The Learned]. Hindu mythology is based on a multiple phase life cycle involving rebirth. It is believed that those who do not attain a balance between their good-deeds and mis-doing, have to attain rebirth in any living form, to

complete the life cycle. The primary duty awarded to Shree Chitragupt Jee Maharaaj was to create log of lives of all living beings, judge their lives based on good-deeds and misdoing, and decide, upon ones death, whether they will attain nirvana or, receive punishment for their misdoing in another life form, till they attain nirvana.

The puja is much awaited by all Chitrans of Dwarka and has taken a grand form now with added attraction of Chiran Ke Gaurav Award ceremony. Kayasthas who have excelled in various fields and have made the community proud are felicitated in the ceremony. Mukesh Sinha, Mg Editor Dwarka City and founder informs, “Dwarka Kayastha Samaj started with 15 members and now there are around 650 members. It’s been around 20 years since we are celebrating this Puja. Cultural programmes are held in the evening. It was during Covid period that cultural programmes were suspended but we continued with Dawaat Puja.” Dawaat puja is held in the morning and in the evening cultural programme is held wherein children of Kayastha samaj gets chance to showcase their talents. Mukesh Sinha explained that they had also started Chitrans ke Gaurav Award ceremony about a decade back. Each year they honour exemplary work done by members of the Kayastha samaj. The cultural programme and get together followed by dinner gives chance to Kayasthas to mingle and strengthen their bond. Like every year, this year too, a colourful Cultural programme was organised at DDA Community hall, Sector-19. Swami Sri Chakrapani Ji Maharaj was the chief guest on the occasion. Swami Chakrapani is an Indian political activist. The All India Hindu Mahasabha president, Swami Chakrapani Maharaj has been advocating for the listing of ABHM as a political entity. Speaking on the occasion, the chief guest appreciated the efforts of organisers and other members of Samaj and their dedication to the cause of preserving the rich cultural heritage of Kayasthas and Hindus. On the occasion, the Chitransh Ke Gaurav awards were also awarded to outstanding achievers in different fields. Those who were felicitated with Chitrans Ke Gaurav Award included -- Neeraj Sinha, IPS, Chairman, Jharkhand Staff Selection Commission, Former DGP (Jharkhand), Ranchi, Prof. Sudhir Kumar Sinha, Ex-Principal, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, University of Delhi, Shailesh Sinha, Founder, Traffic People Foundation, (Road Safety Educators), Abhay Sinha, Founder and Gen. Secretary, Lok Nayak Jai Prakash International Study Development Centre, Faridabad, Amitabh Sinha, Executive Editor, News18 India, Anubha Srivastava, Founder Principal, Delhi International School Edge, Sector-18, Dwarka. The award ceremony was followed by colourful cultural programme comprising of scintillating dances and song numbers by local talents. The guests were welcomed by chief patrons. All participants were given prizes in the end. Sumptuous dinner was served to all members who were seen enjoying the spirit of bonhomie. Kayasthas got a platform to mingle and exchange notes on their rich culture. Those who attended the programme were all praises for the event.

Here’s what guests and awardees have to say about the event-

“After long meditation, when Lord Brahma opened his eyes he saw a man holding a pen and ink-pot in his hands, as well as a sword girdled to his waist. Lord Brahma spoke: "Because you are sprung from my body (kaya), therefore you shall be called Kayastha and as you existed in my body unseen I give you the name of Chitragupt." Thus Lord Chitragupt is the only god created from soul and mind of Lord Brahma. He then assumed charge of Yamapuri. Brahma then enjoined him to dispense justice and punish those who violated the dharma. He was assigned to work as a minister, to write and record for Dharamraj. Lord Chitragupt was told to keep record the good and bad deeds of all earthly human beings for ultimate reward or punishment according to the individual’s Karma. Thus, the Kayasthas were accorded a dual caste, Brahman(The Learned)/Kshatriya (Warrior). As Lord Chitragupt is writing the deeds in his registers, all should be mare aware and should put a break to corruption and other malpractices as the supreme is aware and writing your deeds.”

Swami Chakrapani 

“I have been teaching in Delhi University for 42 years and have been Principal in college. I am worshipper of Lord Chitragupta and hence I worship pen and ink. Lord Chitragupt is God of knowledge, intelligence, wisdom and technology and whatever I am is due to blessings of Lord Chitragupta. I feel that one should take the path of spirituality and not be materialistic. A balance of both is necessary.”

Prof. Sudhir Kumar Sinha, Ex-Principal, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College

“I feel very proud to be a member of Chitransh pariwar. Pen is very auspicious for us. I am from education field and I feel that all children should be attached to pen and should worship pen so that there is no hatred and rivalry in future.”
Ms. Anubha Srivastava, Principal, DIS Edge

“I am honoured to be called and felicitated here. I am brought up in Delhi. I have learnt that one should do service to society. Thus in 1998 when I was in college I started traffic news on FM. I am called as Father of Traffic rules in India. I also started seat belt concept. I have done lot of work on traffic safety. In one hours 17 to 20 people die on road. With one person around 25-50 people are associated it’s a great loss. I want people to be made aware of road safety.”
Shailesh Kumar Sinha,  Traffic Guru

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