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The doctors recently sat on the road and called for changes to PCPNDT, better working conditions for medical trainees, appropriate cadre management, seniority recognition, and adjustments to the house tax factor for nursing homes. Dr. C M Bhagat of Bhagat Chandra Hospital, who was present during the march, said, “The medical profession is being targeted very unfairly. Apart from demanding a fear free work environment, we also have issues like the house tax factor, which has been increased to 4 suddenly by authorities or an increase in electricity tariff. In the name of DPCC rules, harassment of nursing homes and small hospitals takes place, and the government wants to bring nursing homes under establishment act with changes brought under Fire act. Our grouse is that the government doesn’t interact with the medical fraternity. The Delhi chief minister is not interested in these issues at all, and the central government frames rules in isolation. We are a service provider, still violence against us takes place, and the police don't take action on perpetrators of crime, and they become emboldened.” Apart from doctors, nurses and other para-medical staff along with ambulances participated in the march. Dr. Bhagat further informed, “We want a dialogue with govt. The rate revision has not taken place for more than a decade, whereas minimum salary has been increased 10 times. We fear that the government wants to weaken the financial aspect of the medical profession. Till a decade ago, the healthcare system was world class in our country, now the growth has stagnated.” Another doctor present in the rally also echoed similar concerns, “We dread going to work, whereas we must have a safe feeling at the workplace. Our demand is simple that no one should behave in an unruly way with us. The rules and regulations need to be revised in this context. The doctors should be able to pay attention towards patients and their work, rather than fulfilling regulations first.” No doubt, the government must be sympathetic towards concerns and grievances of the medical fraternity.


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