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“Spardha Se Bhadkar Sahyog!” With this motto, a friendly cricket match was organized between Dwarka Police and Dwarka Community. The match was held 30th December at Bal Bhavan International School, Sector-12. The Chief Guest on the occasion is M. Harsha Vardhan, DCP, Dwarka. The playground of Bal Bhawan School saw a diverse group of cricket players on Saturday morning. Police officers, software engineers, civic agency officials and residents were happy to take up cricket bat and ball, under a warm sun. Using sport to bring the community together, the organisers aimed to bring community and Police closer and dispel the feeling of fear amongst the public towards Police. Most of the organisations of Dwarka participated and deputed one of their members to play the game of cricket. 

Former ACP, Rajender Singh was captain the Dwarka Community team while Sunil Kumar Rajain lead Dwarka police team. Mukesh Sinha, who has taken the initiative to get almost all the organization on board invited all MC members of societies, MWAs and students as spectators. Said Mukesh Sinha, This event brought the representatives of various organisations together and the aim was to interact and work for betterment of the sub-city in future.” He further says, despite this being a friendly match, both the team players were in a competitive mood and tried hard to win the match. There was awards for Best Batsman, Best Bowler, Man of the Match, Fighter of the match other than a trophy for the winning team. Vegas Mall, Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, Herbicure Saffron, Sarv Samaj Trust, Consulate Apartments, Sri Guru Singh Sabha, HCPA, Age Well Association, Dwarka City, Senior Hub Dwarka, Bal Bhavan International School and Dwarka Police had pulled in resources to make it grand.  Dwarka Police played quite well and gave tough competition to Dwarka Community. Dwarka Police won the match by 7 wickets. They scored 170 for 3 while Dwarka Community scored 169 for 6. The Man of the Match was Pankaj Sharma from DP, Best Bats man was Ankit from Dwarka Community, Best Baller was Kunal Kumar of DP and Best fighter was Sunil Kumar, DP. There was atmosphere of cheer and bonhomie.

The cricket match against the representatives of societies and Dwarka Police marked successful end of 2023 and a great beginning of 2024. This will also be a stage for informal interaction between public and police. Dwarka is an upcoming and vibrant sub-city of Delhi and we at Dwarka Police want to serve them in the best possible manner. This event is an opportunity for them to view police in an informal environment and to interact with us on a social level. It is a chance for us to speak to them in a safe and fun sporting environment about a broad range of topics and issues, while at the same time building valuable ¬relationships. Most of us have never played cricket before, but we’re willing to give it a try because a big part of what we do as police officers is to connect with our community. Events like this are incredibly important for us to meet and interact with the community. Our team showed great sportsmanship and teamwork throughout the match. Our bowlers were excellent in restricting the opposition, and our batsmen made a formidable score. The standout performers of the match were our opening batsmen, who provided a great start to the innings, and our fast bowlers, who picked up crucial wickets. True winner today was the spirit of public participation.
M. Harsha Vardhan, IPS, DCP, Dwarka

Dwarka Community played a vital role in establising a cordial relation with Dwarka Police by organising  Spradha se Badhkar Sahyog Cricket Match. It was a competative and a challenging match and they played excellently well but ultimately Dwarka Police won the match.  Dwarka Police is thankful to our DCP Mr. Harsh Vardhan and organisers of this match to provide us an oppurtunity to say good bye 2023 with a happy note.  
Sunil Kr. Rajain, SHO, Sector 23 and  
Dwarka Police Captain
I believe nothing can come in way in serving the citizens when Police and community are bonded together. Nothing bonds better than bonhomie in sports. It was with this aim that the friendly Cricket match was organised. Cooperation beyond Competition is the motto of the cricket match being played today between Community and Dwarka Police. This is the first ever initiative in which almost all organizations have come under one umbrella called Community Dwarka and a representative from each organization played the cricket match. Though Dwarka Police won, the enthusiasm and unity of Dwarka community who joined hands to give Police healthy competition was a positive highlight of the event. The whole community and all organisations bonded over the cricket match.
Mukesh Sinha, Convenor
and Mg. Editor, Dwarka City

I am proud to be part of the Community Dwarka Cricket Team in which more than 20 organisations are participated. I have represented Dwarka Police Cricket Team in most of the occasion but this time I was the captain of the community Dwarka Team. This is not a cricket match but a journey of co-operation between police and public. We all joined this innovative way of spreading respect and co-operation. It was fun playing against the Dwarka Police team and the friendly atmosphere in which the match was played bridged the gap between police and public.
Rajender SingH
Former ACP, Dwarka

I am here representing IMA Dwarka and doctor community of Dwarka always are with citizens of Dwarka. We will be supporting community always in future also. The friendly match was a very positive way to bring all community of Dwarka together and if all authorities and community work together then Dwarka will surely be a role model.
Dr. Deepmala
Former President, IMA, Dwarka

The police is no longer something to be feared and has now become friendly. It not only solves cases and arrests criminals but also acts as negotiator and gives friendly advice to citizens of Dwarka. It has helped citizens during Covid times and has acted as support of senior citizens. I am happy to be part of this friendly cricket match in which Delhi Police won.
Virender Garg, Director
Maharaja Agrasen Hospital

The match held in friendly environment served the purpose of bringing Police and community together. The image of police has undergone a drastic change and they are now approachable and the gap has decreased. The friendly match was a platform for all communities to interact also. Sri Guru Singh Sabha Dwarka appreciates and applauds the efforts of Associations of Dwarka and Dwarka Police.
Devendar Paul
Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Dwarka

I feel privileged to be part of Dwarka Community in the cricket match being played against Dwarka Police. I represent Sarv Samaj Trust. This is an NGO working for the underprivileged section of the society that always believed in cooperation and welfare of citizens rather than competition. This game is being played under the same philosophy and was a grand success.
Ranjit Singh, Chairman
Sarv Samaj Trust

This match is for community and confidence building rather than competition. We had to face the young and energetic team of Dwarka Police as though we had very experienced players in our team. The match was exciting and competitive. Dwarka Police won but we all enjoyed the match and the atmosphere was very friendly.
Ravinder Chaudhary
VP, Vegas Mall

The friendly match between Police and community was to have fun, enjoy each other’s company and compete. I think that such initiative would not only promote sports culture among residential societies but also infuse a sense of sportsmanship among our future generations. It was a pleasure to be part of the match.             
Ms. Anjana Sinha
Secretary, Dwarka Forum

It was a delight to represent Dwarka Community in the match between Dwarka Police and Dwarka Community. As there were amateur players in both the team but on the ground they showed great sportsmanship. There was this zeal to win in both teams. The match was an opportunity to know each other and talk freely with Dwarka Police personnel. I congratulate the organisers for this unique initiative. 
Dr. Avinish Seth, Manipal Hospitals

This match is a friendly match and the aim is to bring Police and public closer. This will have a very positive impact on image of Police and fear of police will be dispelling from community. I believe that this trend of cricket match which has started at the end of the year will continue and every year more such matches will be played. I thank DCP, Harsha Vardhan for coming and encouraging the players.
Sudha Sinha, Founder
Ek Mutthi- NGO

I enjoyed the match between Dwarka Police and Community. Dwarka Police played very well but and won the match.The match brought Police and people closer and did open a communication between residents of Dwarka and Dwarka Police. Rotary Club of Delhi Govinda honoured the players and guests with Rotary Caps.
S P Singh, President
Rotary Club of Delhi, Govinda

I was also part of the team Community Dwarka along with my friends and colleagues. I had batted and made few runs. Dwarka Police has played very well. I have been playing cricket since childhood, but this opportunity was unique as there were players from different walks of life and of all ages. This initiative of Mukesh Sinha was also unique and was opportunity to meet people as all of Dwarka community’s important persons were here and all joined hands to play the friendly match.
S S Dogra, Journalist

The bonding between citizens and police is important for the growth of any society. The match between Community Dwarka and Dwarka Police proved that both the institutions can survive together without any confrontation. Our special children participated in this event and we all enjoyed the bonhomie between Dwarkaites and Police.
K N Singh, President, HCPA

I represented Aggarwal Samaj with our Chairman and Sr. Vice President. Through this cricket match our samaj has become closer to Dwarka Police. This is a good initiative and we hope that such events keep happening in Dwarka. This also gives impetus to spirit of sportsmanship in community. We will support such cause in future too.
Sanjay Aggarwal
President, Dwarka Aggarwal Samaj

Such events should take place more frequently. There are issues between citizens and Police, and most of these are on our end, so these events can help foster understanding and help bridge some of those gaps.
Satyendra Bhardwaj

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