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Firemen Saved The Lives of "Four Voiceless People"

A sudden fire broke out in a flat in Dwarka Sector -6 society. 4 cats and a dog were trapped inside. As important as it is for fire personnel to save people's lives by extinguishing the fire, the lives of the voiceless are equally precious for them. This has been proved by the fire personnel of Dwarka, who rescued four cats and a dog trapped in the flat due to the fire that broke out on the second floor of Mayank apartment. The fire personnel not only extinguished the fire intelligently, but also rescued all the cats and dogs trapped in the flat. According to information, a call for fire was received at the fire control room, the fire team got into action and fire extinguishing vehicles were sent to the spot from fire stations like Dwarka and Janakpuri. Dwarka station officer, Mukul Bhardwaj also reached the spot and saw that the fire was on the second floor. The owner of the flat said that four cats and dogs are trapped inside. Fire personnel immediately started the work of extinguishing the fire and also saved the lives of all the cats and dogs trapped inside the flat by safely rescuing them. The fire broke out due to a short circuit in the drawing room. Flat owner Amit Verma said that he did not know how this accident happened suddenly. The fire personnel acted intelligently and not only extinguished the fire on time, but also saved the lives of the cats and dogs.


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