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Dwarkaites Should Avail Sahbhagita Scheme || Ajay Kumar, MCD Jt. Assessor And Collector Najafgarh Zone

Dwarka City talked to MCD Ajay Kumar, Jt. Assessor and Collector Najafgarh Zone to get clarity on tax rebate and schemes for rebate.

Here are excerpts-

1. Please tell us about yourself.
Ans- I have done in Mathematics. I am from a defence background. I joined the defence ministry in October 2003 and have worked in Army head quarter and Naval head quarter.

2. Tell us about your journey till here. How did you get here?
Ans- I applied for this post and was selected. Any government employee can apply for this post.

3. What is the situation of property tax collection in Najafgarh Zone?
Ans:- Property tax collection is going quite well in Najafgarh Zone. Recently we had several meetings with residents and market associations and they have promised full support in the organisation of camps also. So, the collection will be fairly good, I assume.

4. There are more than 50,000 houses, approx 10,000 commercial institutions. What percent is the property tax collection here?
Ans:- We have sent notices to many commercial units as per DMC Act. People are coming to pay property tax. Every day at least 50 people are coming to pay tax for commercial units. One can pay property tax online also. It is an easy process. I appeal to all Dwarkaites to come and pay tax. The rate is quite nominal and all can easily pay tax.

5. It is assumed that in societies, 100% people pay tax. Is this true?
Ans:- This is not factual. We have modified the Sahabhagita scheme and we are advertising this scheme extensively. Under this scheme, if 90% people in society pay tax then they will get 10% of the total paid amount as incentive for development work in the society.

6. It is also rumored that tax collection from commercial complexes is very low. What is the actual situation?
Ans:- The commercial units are paying tax to quite an extent. We have surveyed commercial properties and have come to know that large numbers are paying taxes. Those who are evading tax we are sending notices to them.

7. To increase fax collection, MCD announces a certain scheme every year. Are there any schemes running and what their benefits are.
Ans:- There are two schemes announced by MCD :- Sahbhagita scheme as well as Geo- tagging scheme. As per the Sahbhagita scheme, if 90% or more people of a certain group housing society pay their property tax, society will get 10% incentive for development purposes. Self Geo-tagging is also a scheme, launched by MCD, as per the scheme, if a property owner does not Geotag his/her property, will not get 10% early payment benefit. The rebate on Sahbhagita Scheme is 31 March and Geo tagging is 29 February.

8. Has there been any increase or decrease in tax collection since last year?
Ans:- Tax has increased since last year, but there are still some areas which are outside the tax net, But no area should remain under the tax net. All are required to pay tax. If all pay sincerely then MCD can provide better facilities.

9. Earlier property tax camps were organized in societies. Are camps organised this year too and are they beneficial?
Ans:- Yes, we are organising camps every day and inspiring people to avail Sahbhagita scheme as well as Geo- tagging. There are whatsapp groups and society management committees are informed about the camp, If anyone wants to hold a camp in their society, they can contact my office and we will organize a camp there.

10. Would you like to give any message to Dwarkaites regarding property tax payment?
Ans:- If residents pay tax, it is the residents, who will benefit. So, I appeal to all property owners to pay property tax and avail the scheme of MCD and participate in development of Delhi.


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