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Anurag Dwivedi, IPS has recently joined as Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) at the Sector–19, DCP Office. Hailing from Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, Dwivedi has an engineering background, having completed B.Tech and M.Tech from IIT Kanpur. Post the same, he applied for the IPS and graduated as part of the 2020 batch. The current posting is his first in New Delhi.

Dwivedi recently spoke to Dwarka City –

Q1. What was your motivation to join the police force?

A1. I wanted to join the government service and always wanted to make a difference in the world, help people and contribute to making the world a better place. IPS provided me the opportunity to achieve this dream.

Q2. How do you plan to further help the common citizens?
A2. I believe there is a major problem of fear from police among the common people. I completely empathise with that, since before joining the police force myself, I also held such fear. However, my endeavour is to remove this fear from the people. My aim is to make our police force citizen centric. We should reach out to citizens and understand all types of problems they face, even the smallest ones and make citizens our partners to together help make the society safer.

Q3. Please brief us about your previous postings.
A3. This my first posting in New Delhi. Before this I was posted as ACP and was handling 2 police stations. This year I was promoted to Additional DCP and posted in Dwarka district.

Q4. Any differences you find between your experiences between the two postings?
A4. Previously I was ACP, and the majority of my work was on field and maintaining law and order. Now since I became Additional DCP, in addition to field work, there is administrative work for which also I am responsible.

Q5. Recently there has been a spate in cyber- crime instances, with senior citizens being the most vulnerable target. How do you plan to handle these issues?
A5. We have a functioning and proactive cyber-crime handling team. Quick steps are taken as and when complaints are received such as freezing of bank accounts in order to stop transfer of funds. Further as an advice to the citizens, it is pertinent to note that the modus operandi of the cyber criminals is that they either trick people into sharing their bank details or incite fear in them. However, as the RBI has also directed, we also want to advise the citizens to not share their personal details on phone or online with anyone. Banks do not ask for account details and OTP on call like this. Citizens should not be afraid, be vigilant of such tricksters and not share their personal details online or on phone calls.

Q6. What are your plans to enhance the safety and security in Dwarka?
A6. We have engaged in activities to reach out to citizens and understand their concerns and the problems being faced by them. We want to make the citizens our partners and eyes and ears. Further we are working on using technology such as setting up CCTV cameras at various areas especially the less inhabited places. Further we are working on multiple strategies including monitoring and understanding criminal behaviour, detecting crime patterns, including capturing the criminals and handling the legal process.

Q7. What will be your advice to the younger generation who want to join the police force?
A7. My message is – Be true to you. First thing an aspirant should know is why they want to join the police and find the source of their motivation. Aspirants should not be externally forced, but be internally motivated. Of course it required hours of hard work and effort. It is a good opportunity to serve the people and the nation. And I wish the best of luck and all the success to all those who wish to join the police force.

Q8. Any message to Dwarkaites?
A8. To the Dwarkaites, I would like to convey that we are there to serve you. We only seek your support and hope as partners to solve the crime problems. Recently, on Republic Day we launched the Eyes and Ears campaign, where we reached out to the citizens and informed them they are the eyes and ears for us and they should support us and report any untoward incident they come across to the police in order to help us to serve you better.


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