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LG recently inaugurated Delhi Development Authority's two trunk drains in Dwarka, named No. 2 and No. 5. The drain was rejuvenated in a project to curb waterlogging and create green recreational space. Though some finishing work is left, officials claim that all pending tasks would be completed by mid-March. The Rs. 300 crore project included tapping the around 15 drain outlets and treating their wastewater through three mega sewage treatment plants (STPs) before dumping into the trunk drains connected to the Najafgarh drain. It also included creating recreational facilities along the 5.2km No. 2 drain including a nature trail, open air food court, open air theatre, three solar arcades and two ecological zones. Plans are also for the 3.8km drain No. 5, which passes through sectors 15, 13, 14, 17 and 16 of Dwarka, to have similar recreation facilities. DDA officials said that they have constructed three STPs along these trunk drains. Two STPs, one of 7 million litres a day (MLD) capacity and the other of SMLD are on drain No. 2. Drain No.5 has a 9.5MLD STP. Two STPs have been inaugurated, but work is in progress on the SMLD one. The treated water would be released into the drains in a month's time. LG said that tertiary plants are also being installed. The quality of water will be good and the biochemical oxygen demand will be less than 10. Since these two trunk drains will merge with Sahib' River, earlier called Najafgarh drain, the overall quality of water flowing into the Yamuna will improve. LG also added that the connection of the airport drain near Sector-8 Dwarka to drain No. 2 would be finished in two months and this would take care of the problem of waterlogging in and around the airport. Among the recreational facilities developed on the sides of these drains are a 12km walking track, a 9km cycling track, yoga path, public toilets, children play area, open air theatre, food court, and a solar arcade consisting of 44 solar flowers capable of generating 203kW per day of electricity and 30 solar trees each with 1kW capacity. The power generated will be used for the illumination of the project area. DDA officials informed that on trunk drain No. 2, there are two recreational complexes, one at Sector 9 with 30 kiosks and another nearby with six food kiosks. On No. 5, there are three complexes at sectors 13, 3 and 16 with food kiosks. Officials claimed that the rejuvenated channels would provide a green and clean environment for walks, jogging, cycling, even the daily commute to work. Riverfront amenities include viewing decks, pergola bridges and check dams. Work is under way on some of these facilities between the drain and Bharat Vandana Park. LG also inaugurated four cascade-type horse fountains at the intersection of Sector 1/7 and Sector 2/6 in Dwarka. He added that there is a plan to install 80 such fountains in and around the sub-city.


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