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The open display of non-vegetarian shops is becoming a concern. In Delhi, non-vegetarian shops are openly selling meat in every market, even in residential areas like Dwarka. The distressing scenes of meat hanging in the open are creating a nauseating atmosphere. The presence of such scenes in markets raises questions about the well-being of vegetarian individuals. Says Kirti Kale, poet and resident of Sector-4, “I have been a resident of Dwarka for the past twenty years and am observing the gradual proliferation of meat shops in the area. Recently, I witnessed a market with around 25-30 stalls selling non-vegetarian items near the State Bank of India in Dwarka Sector 10. This is reminiscent of scenes from foreign countries during my travels in 2000.” Similar situations are reported in other sectors like 6 and 12, where meat stalls dominate the markets. She questions the impact of such scenes on the sentiments of vegetarians, the legality of these stalls without police intervention, and the potential health hazards caused by the spread of unregulated meat shops. Kirti raises several questions concerning the rights of vegetarians, the involvement of law enforcement, the licensing of meat vendors, the government's focus on beautification rather than addressing such issues, and the potential health risks associated with the unhygienic environment created by these vendors. She urges the Delhi government and municipal authorities to promptly ban the open sale of meat, considering the sentiments of vegetarians and implementing stringent laws to prevent such inhumane practices in the future.

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