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Police Week Celebrated

The Delhi Police Week is celebrated every year from 16th Feb to 23rd February. This year, Delhi Police celebrated its 77th Raising Day on 16th February. Delhi police carry out various activities with the residents of Delhi to foster a sense of partnership. 

Sunil Kumar Rajain, SHO, Dwarka Sector-23 informed, “The Delhi Police was established 76 year ago, and every year, 16th February is observed as Delhi Police Raising day. Every police station carries out various activities during the week. Sector-23 PS held RWA/ MWA interaction from Sectors 19, 20, 22, and 23. We had staff interaction and sports meets for our police staff. There was an open hour session on 20th and 21st Feb, with school children, where these children got a chance to understand the functioning and role of police. Public relation activities for better coordination between police and public were held. The purpose is that the public must shed any inhibition in approaching police and consider police as their companion. We would like to invite suggestions from residents of Dwarka on how to make our interaction more meaningful.”

Talk With SHO Dwarka Sector 9 Ashish K Dubey

1. Please give details of the Police week that is being celebrated.

Ans. The purpose of the police week is to establish communication links with the residents of my area and engage with the residents to get them to collaborate with the police in tackling issues of controlling crime. We welcome suggestions from the residents on how we can two cooperate.

2. What are the various activities that your police station has undertaken?

We are undertaking various programmes together with the residents of this area under the guidance of DCP and ACP of Dwarka district. This includes: a. Along with Manipal hospital, a free medical check up was organised for residents. Also, we organised a meeting of Senior citizens and cyber frauds cyber experts to educate the residents on various aspects of cyber security. Also, we had organised a meeting with an advocate who came to educate residents on making wills. Apart from this we are carrying on Servant and tenant verification on a door to door basis. 189 societies are there within our jurisdiction. We are visiting them for this purpose. Also, in Sector 23, a blood donation camp was held which was very successful

3. What are the main areas of focus for you?

For us, we want to reduce crime in the entire area. For this, basic policing including acting swiftly on snatching, robberies, etc. is the focus. Earlier, these crimes were very rampant due to broad wide roads and the culprits used to get away. But now we have implemented some plans and then started an operation under which cameras were installed. We have been successful in catching a number of such miscreants along with the material and goods stolen. As a result, the crime rate has gone down by half. 90% of items stolen have been recovered. Apart from this, we are regularly carrying out Awareness programmes about accidents and emergencies such as the fire accident that unfortunately happened in Dwarka a couple of days back. The senior members of the society visited us and we asked them to review the safety systems, Mock drill will be encouraged to ensure timely response

4. What is your message to Dwarka residents?

Dwarka residents are always aware of their rights. We the police want all residents to cooperate with the police and I wish and hope there is peace and safety in Dwarka. 


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