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Public View on Kejriwal’s Arrest

In the time of impending Lok Sabha elections, a lot of political and legal activities are going on. Latest is the case of Arvind Kejriwal, CM of Delhi, when he was sent to ED remand last week in the so called infamous Liquors Gate scam. The central investigation agencies like ED, had sent summons to Kejriwal in the case of revised excise liquor policy for Delhi, which the Delhi government had introduced in 2021, but withdrew it after 9 months in June 2022. Already some of the AAP leaders like former Dy. CM Manish Sisodia and MP Sanjay Singh are in jail in this connection, but arrest of Kejriwal has upped the political temperature in Delhi. AAP has claimed it a witch hunt in this case, and apprehends that BJP does not want its star campaigner to be out since BJP considers Kejriwal as main competitor, whereas BJP has said that let law should take its own course. The matter is in the court, and a final judgment is yet to come, but no doubt, arrest of Kejriwal would certainly demoralise AAP cadres. However, everyone does not seem to be convinced with the ED actions, and many residents of Dwarka call it a coercive action on part of the government.

“This is a wrong action, which the government has taken to arrest Kejriwal. Kejriwal has done so many good works for Delhi like providing free electricity and water. There used to be a water shortage and we had to run after DJB tankers for water, but we get water all 24 hours now. Government should not take action against a good person like Kejriwal. I will go for the protest at Ramlila Maidan.”

Rajneesh, Sector-12

“Kejriwal is a good and honest politician. He has come to the power on the plank of eradicating corruption, but BJP is afraid of him, and leveling false charges of corruption against him. I am sure that nothing would be established against him, and he would come out and run the government from outside. Court should release him at the earliest. Kejriwal did a good work in the field of education, and I am happy that my daughter is studying in a government school.”

Ram Pyare, Auto Driver

“Kejriwal has done fantastic work in the field of health and education. We are getting free treatment and medicines from the Mohalla clinics and we thank Kejriwal for this. Even people from outside come and visit Mohalla clinic and appreciate the work of Kejriwal and Delhi government. Kejriwal must be freed from jail, this is the demand of every citizen of Delhi. I may not go to protest but I support the protest.”

Ranjeet, Auto Driver, Sector-11

“Kejriwal has made a difference in our lives. Providing free DTC rides to women and appointing marshals in the buses is a good step for women and their safety. Giving women Rs 1,000 per month is a welcome step, as it provides dignity to all women of Delhi. Kejriwal is a crusader against corruption, so it is laughable that he is arrested in the case of corruption. It is a political vendetta.”

Laxmi, Sector-10

“Kejriwal has done a lot of good work for women. We travel freely in the buses. The teasing inside buses has reduced. Kejriwal is like our brother. We want him to remain chief minister forever.”

Lalli, Sector 4

“It is BJP vendetta, since Kejriwal has become more popular than others and was a threat to PM Modi himself. I am sure that agencies would not find anything against Kejriwal. Kejriwal is an educated person, and he cannot indulge in any wrongdoings. I would have loved to go to Ramlila ground, but since I have a shop, I need to be here.” 

Sumant Gupta, Sector-4

“Kejriwal has done a lot of good work also for Delhi specially in the field of education and health. However, I feel that no one is above the law. If any case is made out against him, I think Kejriwal must face the court, and I am sure that he will come out scot free.”

Ram Kumar, Sector-5

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