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Traffic Triangle –Home for Beggars

Hanging clothes on line tied on branches, utensils scattered, quilt and mattress rolled up, small hammock of cloth hanging with a child…..this is the typical sight of traffic triangles in posh Dwarka locality. This is the condition of a well planned, modern sub city Dwarka! Reason- all traffic crossings or tikona parks have been usurped by beggars. These homeless people can be seen all over Dwarka at traffic triangles. They wash clothes, cook, and sleep there and have occupied footpaths and triangles. Such homeless people can be seen on the crossing of Sector 6, 10 and at Aashirwaad chowk and also at many other places. These are migrant workers who run behind cars selling tissues, incense sticks and dusters. The crossings in Dwarka have become designated sites for getting one's car dusted - mostly without asking for it- or buying cheap knick-knacks. This is not only annoying but risky too and also it is not a pleasant sight. In Dwarka, many of the dwellers have been living in traffic triangles for the past several years. There are no facilities for toilets, sewage, drinking water and proper drainage for them. They defecate in the open and make the surroundings filthy. At Aashirwaad chowk, towards Sector-12 on the traffic triangle, one can see some people, mostly vendors and hawkers sleeping in the open at night. They sell balloons and other knick- knacks on the crossing. These are migrants who have made the footpath of Dwarka their home. They claim to be from villages nearby. These migrant families consist of men, women and children who have occupied the footpaths with all their belongings – bags, bundles of clothes, bed sheets, mattress and cooking utensils etc. The triangle of Sector-4 side is always stinking as these beggars urinate and dirty the place.

Dwarka City talked to these migrant workers and also took views of Dwarka residents-

“We sleep in the open because we do not have a choice. The rain baseras or night shelters are of no use. They do not allow us to sleep there as we do not have ID. Many times, I have been turned down. Because of this, we have made this tikona our home.”

Meena, Sector -10

The rein baseras are not a safe place for women. The condition in Rain Basera is ‘Bad’. Instead of sleeping we have to wake there. We feel safer on the roads. Besides, we are here together with our family.

Sunita, Sector-10

It is very risky when these beggars come and hang on our windows selling knick knacks. Besides, they are annoying and a security threat. There should be laws to prevent them from running loose on the roads.

Saurabh Swaroop, Sector-10

I have come from Rajasthan to earn a living. My whole family is here with me. The Police shoo us away and harass us but we have nowhere to go. We sleep on the road and sell items on crossings. We don’t beg but we are working hard to fill our stomachs.

Veervati, Sector-5

The authorities must urgently look into this and improve the conditions. Also, police must ensure that such migrants must not sleep on the crossings. Some minimum comfort of a roof and cover can be given to these hapless citizens.

Viren Kumar, Sector-3

Authorities are doing so much to beautify the triangles but these beggars who live here spoil the aesthetics. They harm the plants and nail the trees also. The Police should remove them. They are a security threat to nearby societies.

Aniruddha, Sector-3

“Living in the open is not easy. There is extreme winter and sometimes rain. But we do not have a home. There is no clean drinking water and sanitation. Children fall sick because of these conditions. We have nowhere to go.”

Mohan Lal, Sector-5, Ashirwad Chowk


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