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Every year on February 27th, the world comes together to celebrate World NGO Day, a day dedicated to recognizing and honouring the invaluable contributions of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). These organizations, driven by a passion for positive change, play a crucial role in addressing some of humanity’s most pressing challenges. NGOs are non-profit organizations that operate independently of governments. They work tirelessly across a diverse range of areas, including: • Human Rights: Promoting and protecting the fundamental rights of all individuals. • Environmental Protection: Addressing climate change, safeguarding biodiversity, and advocating for sustainable practices. • Poverty and Development: Working towards alleviating poverty and fostering sustainable development in marginalized communities. • Education and Health: Providing access to quality education and healthcare, particularly for underserved populations. • Peace and Conflict Resolution: Building peace and finding solutions to conflicts around the globe.

The theme for World NGO Day 2024, “Building a Sustainable Future: The Role of NGOs in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”, underscores the critical role NGOs play in creating a more equitable and sustainable world. While relatively young, World NGO Day boasts a significant history. In 2009, Social entrepreneur Marcis Liors Skadmanis recognized the need for a dedicated day to celebrate the contributions of NGOs and envisioned World NGO Day. In 2010, The Baltic Sea NGO Forum formally proposed the establishment of World NGO Day, garnering support from various NGO communities. It was in 2012, the proposal was officially adopted by the Baltic Sea NGO Forum, marking a significant step towards global recognition. In 2014, World NGO Day was celebrated for the first time, with the Global Inaugural event held in Helsinki, Finland. World NGO Day extends far beyond mere celebration. It serves as a powerful reminder of the profound impact NGOs have on the world, fostering increased funding, Policy changes, Volunteerism and global Awareness.

PAHAL Social Organization- Pahal Social Organisation was established in 2011 and over the years, Pahal has made an indelible mark, by organizing events and welfare programs that focus primarily on helping the education and welfare of the less privileged. Pahal has run Pahal Pathshala since 2013 in Dwarka with the aim of providing both education and health and sanitation awareness to the children from the economically and socially backward areas. After giving them preliminary education, Pahal arranged their education in the near- by Government school. More than 400 students of Pahal Pathshala have been studying in different Government schools for the last ten years. It provide free education, free School dresses, free Books, copies ,Pencils and other stationary materials. Pahal also provides free nutritious mid- day meals and free medical facilities. This includes regular distribution of clothes to domestic helps, labourers, street dwellers and others. Awareness Camps are regularly undertaken for adults, and for the old and elderly, on different health and fitness issues ranging from heart diseases, diabetics as well as conducting frequent free health camps, Eye Camps, bone density and Cancer detection and cancer awareness camps, in association with reputed doctors from Cancer Control Mission’ Mumbai. Awareness regarding Blood and Organ Donation has been another important focus of Pahal. Pahal has initiated organ donation and blood donation campaigns. Blood Donation Camps are organized in association with Rotary International. Pahal has also helped the affected citizens in devastating earthquakes in Nepal, Turkey, Syria, floods in Kerala and the Super cyclone in the state of West Bengal and Orissa by financial assistance and donating Blankets, Food items etc.PAHAL conducts frequent recreational and cultural activities for all sections for the under privileged society. Pahal is arranging monthly rations for an organization having 70 destitute persons since 2020. During the Covid pandemic, Pahal distributed foods and arranged medicines, hospitalization and oxygen Cylinders for the economically weaker sections and migrant labours. Pahal has also spread its wings in other parts of the country and now have 5 operating units in India and have more than 600 members.

Seniors Hub Dwarka : Popularly known as SHD, was formed with the sole purpose to focus on the wellbeing of senior citizens of Dwarka. It looks after the emotional, physical, social and financial health of its members by way of organizing various programs, talks and interactive sessions. During the pandemic period, the Hub members remained connected and kept its members engaged by holding various virtual meetings on Health, Road Safety and prevention of online frauds. Interactive meetings in batches were held twice-a-week for over 4 months.  The on-line petitions by SHD resulted in the opening of IG Hospital, walk-in facility for 2nd dose and vaccination at door-steps. 120+ members were administered 1st dose by making special arrangements with Manipal Hospital. SHD felicitated the Corona Warriors from the field of medical, public service, social work and journalism. Aakash Hospital, Centre for Sight, Sanjeevani Ayurveda and Get-Well-Soon have extended special rates to SHD members. Azaadi Ka Amrit Mahotsava was celebrated by holding a Tiranga Rally in 2023. SHD members of 75+ age were honoured in 2022 and another batch of 75+ will be felicitated in March, 24. Contributory Monthly Lunches are organized for the SHD members with spouses. The SHD has 400 active members. SHD was founded by RK Jain, Ravi Jaitley, SP Shokhanda, SK Sharma, Col. AK Anand and AK Saigal in 2018 and was registered in 2019.

Stand N Stride Foundation - The foundation has been dedicated to improving educational opportunities in South West Delhi. Their mission is simple yet powerful: to ensure that every child, regardless of their background, has access to a quality education. They have assisted over 500 students in completing their secondary schooling, with around 300 students currently enrolled in their centers. The foundation's commitment to education goes beyond just academics; they also provide essential supplies like uniforms, bags, notebooks, and books to ensure that students have everything they need to succeed. Stand N Stride Foundation has also been instrumental in fostering a sense of community and empowerment among the people they serve. Through initiatives like health awareness sessions, cultural events, and support programs, they have touched the lives of countless individuals and families, instilling hope and positivity in their hearts. Says Amod Poddar, Founder SnS, “As we honor NGO Day, let us recognize and celebrate the invaluable contributions of organizations like Stand N Stride Foundation. Their dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to social change inspire us all to work towards a brighter and more inclusive future for everyone.”

Tourism Plus Foundation – Tourism Plus Foundation is an initiative to follow the principle of sustainability where current needs of development are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. To be sustainable, tourism needs to make a positive contribution to the natural and cultural environment, generate benefits for the host communities, not put at risk the future livelihood of local people, and strive to anticipate and prevent economic, environmental, social and cultural degradation. Tourism Industry can never be fully sustainable as it impacts the environment, natural resources, social structure, consumption pattern etc. Hence, the Foundation focuses on Environment Protection; Food for underprivileged and the needy; Women’s Empowerment and Heath Support to the needy Food First - Fighting Hunger for Homeless. Food is a bigger worry than Coronavirus. The number of hungry people in India has increased by 65 million more than the population of France. According to a survey by Bhook (an organization working towards reducing hunger) in 2013, twenty crores Indians sleep hungry on any given night, about 7 million children died in 2012 because of hunger/malnutrition. Effective May 2018, the foundation has started distributing packed as well as freshly prepared hygienic food to the underprivileged/needy, few NGOs and Old Age homes and have provided approx. 40,000 hot meals so far. The foundation planted approx. 800 trees at various locations in Delhi including that on special occasions of World Tourism Day and World Environment Day every year. The members joined Yamuna Cleaning drive (Titled Plastic Banega Fantastic) to remove plastic sponsored by Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

Sneh Kunj- Handicapped Children's Parents Association (HCPA) was formed in 1987 by a group of parents of persons inflicted by Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy, commonly known as Spasticity is a condition which causes loss of control on the movements of body parts. Parents of such persons are constantly tormented by questions like "What after us?".  HCPA was formed to provide an answer to such questions. The basic objective was to provide a safe and secure place where these persons could spend the rest of their lives in case they outlive their parents. The mission was to establish a Home for Spastics. Says K. N. Singh, “We are proud to state that we have achieved our mission, though partly. Sneh-Kunj at Dwarka has been operational since March 2003. It has a fully functional residential facility for 36 persons. It also has additional infrastructure to create accommodation for another 60 persons as and when the need arises. Keeping in view the need of other categories of disability such as Autism, Mental Retardation and Down syndrome in addition to Cerebral Palsy, we have decided to open Sneh Kunj for them also. We have also started an Early Intervention Centre in our premises inclusive for infants from the age of 2 to 8 years. We have got competent faculty for Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy. The Early Intervention is fully equipped with the latest gadgets, and is spread in Area 600 Sq. ft. Our charges are most reasonable and competitive. Our special educators and staff are very kind and loving with our children. We also provide physiotherapy at very reasonable charges.” Sneh Kunj is located in Sector-5, Dwarka is a lush green area on an approved DDA plot of more than 5000sq.mtr.

Dwarka Progressive Club - Established in 2016, Dwarka Progressive Club, with a philosophy of community participation and self-help, has been actively engaged in environmental development efforts. Prime goals of the club include plastic eradication and waste management, cleaner urban and rural settlements, better health and environment protection and empower women and deprived.

Highlights of the activities includes-

• Plastic-free Campaigns by Creating Awareness and Providing Alternatives. • Waste Management (including segregation) in densely populated urban areas. • Swacchata-Abhiyan in residential and marketplaces. • Women Empowerment and Social Welfare.

• Tree Plantation and Environment Protection Drives. • Awareness Programs on Self-Employment. • Programs on Mental and Physical Health issues.

Say NO to Single-Use Plastic- DPC Campaigns on Awareness and Solutions has been carried on from time to time. DPC Campaigns on Promoting Alternatives to the Plastic Use of steel utensils and biodegradable crockery in religious and social gatherings in place of plastic and use of cloth bags. Awareness Campaigns on Green-Waste Management for Households, Domestic helps, Markets and for the General Public organized. Organic Manure from Green-Waste at Source includes dry leaves and installation of leaf composters. DPC organized community weddings, Tree Plantation, Cultural Events, Mother-Child Care Helps in developing Infrastructure for Baby-Feeding at Work Places, Helping Differently-Abled.

AGE WELL ASSOCIATION- Age Well Association, Dwarka is in the service of the society for the past seven years. It has been formed with the objectives to organize awareness programmes for members on health, safety, security, sanitation, environment and to ensure greater participation of its members in community development, assistance to senior citizens and lesser privileged and others requiring support. Additionally, it provides recreation facilities by arranging singing, music, laughter, exclusive programmes for women and others. Age Well Association periodically arranges luncheon meetings for members, their families and friends and celebrates Birthdays and Marriage Anniversaries of the members to create an extended family atmosphere and goodwill among the members and to have periodical interactions. Age Well Association organised Interaction with inmates of Orphanage, differently abled children of Handicapped Home and with inmates of Drug De-addiction Centre; medical Camp, food and monetary support to inmates of NGOs housing helpless, destitute and abandoned elderly persons; providing educational kits to the children of schools run by NGOs for under-privileged; undertaken project for removal of discarded idols under the peepal trees and its disposal; celebrating International Women's Day on regular basis; arranging Medical Talks on important topics of interest of the senior citizens; arranging Medical Camps in association with leading hospitals to provide various health checks up for residents of Dwarka; tied up with leading hospital of Dwarka for concessional medical facilities to senior citizen membership; encouraging children of NGOs having interest in singing by providing them bigger stage to perform and regular programmes and events. Age Well Association is organising 6th Tere Mere Geet on 10th March 2024 at Happy Home, Sector 7, Dwarka. The life membership which presently has crossed 250 is, however, restricted to a maximum of 15 in a financial year. Age Well Association has the distinction of having Chief promoters and founders of several Dwarka based NGOs and other Organizations in its fold as its distinctive members. I M Khanna, President of Age Well Association says that periodical activity charts are announced and press releases are issued to provide a deep insight into the functioning of the Organisation.

Sukh Dukh Ke Saathi Sasthan -  Majority of the members are officials retired from key positions in various fields. The Sanstha was founded on 19th September 2010 with an objective to create a positive environment for the senior citizens where they can adopt a spiritually, physically, mentally and socially active lifestyle and utilize their zeal and valuable experience in selfless service to the society. Top priority of the Sanstha is improvement in environmental conditions by planting and nurturing trees as well as cleanliness and plastic free programs. Other activities include all possible support to distressed people of the society as well as organizing various cultural, spiritual, literary & social activities for senior citizens. The Sanstha keeps constant liaison with police and government departments for overall betterment of Dwarka in general and Sectors 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24 in particular. Moto of the Sanstha is clean, green, safe and socially rich Dwarka with the success Mantra “Working Together Works”. Sanstha has been honoured by Dwarka City Newspaper, Ramleela organisers, Police, DDA and other organisers. Capt. S. S. Mann is the president and DC Mathur is the secretary of the organisation. 

Dwarka Forum- Dwarka Forum, a dedicated organization committed to enhancing the welfare of the Dwarka community. Dwarka Forum (DF) is a welfare association of residents, RWAs/ CGHS representatives of Dwarka Sub City, established in 2008. Dwarka Forum strives to create a positive impact by addressing the needs and concerns of our community members. Through collaborative efforts, the organisation aims to foster a sense of unity, development, and overall well-being. Its initiatives include Govt. of NCT of Delhi, DDA, SDMC, BSES, DJB, DFS, Delhi Police, and Delhi Traffic Police etc. and members are always open to new ideas and collaborations that contribute to the betterment of the community. Says Anjana Sinha, General Secretary, “Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you would like to get involved. Together, we can make Dwarka a better place for everyone.”

Health and Medical Support- Various Health Check Camps have been organised in various parts of Delhi for underprivileged people and children. Likewise, health check camps are also being organized regularly for employees of Hotels, Transporters, Agents etc. So far foundation have conducted 24 camps for class IV employees, Eye and Dental Check camps have been organised on request of orphanages and old age homes and the foundation arranged for treatment and surgeries of few inmates besides providing spectacles to correct vision. The Foundation arranged approx. 12 Health Talk Shows in association of various Hospitals in Dwarka and Gurgaon. The foundation has also launched a program to provide assistance in getting cataract surgery performed. Dwarka Beats- Music is the arrangement of sound to create some combination of form, harmony, melody, rhythm, or otherwise expressive content. It often plays a key role in social activities, religious rituals, celebrations, and cultural activities. Dwarka Beats, a musical organization appreciates and promotes social integration through music and provides a platform for aspiring singers to showcase their talent. Music seems to be a medium where we can forget about ourselves and sit together at one place and forget our share of tensions and simply enjoy. This very thought gave birth to Dwarka Beats. Dwarka beats means the heartbeat of Dwarkaites, and this heartbeat is the lifeline for all of us. We aim to make everyone a torch bearer in lighting the entire Dwarka with this torch of Yagya of peace and love. Dwarka Beats came into existence in 2017 and since then has been conducting musical programs throughout Dwarka. It presents variety in its programs, e.g. Bollywood songs mainly from the Golden Era, Folk songs, ghazals, non-filmy classical songs. We perform for people at old age homes, Drug de-addiction centre, various societies etc. The programs are eagerly awaited as singers perform karaoke as well as live bands composed of harmonium, tabla, violin, Sitar etc. The singers are amateurs and pursue their respective professions like education, home makers and IT professionals.

UVCT- Urivi Vikram Charitable Trust (UVCT) is a prominent national non-governmental organization, founded with a noble mission to foster the social and economic empowerment of adolescents and young adults (aged 10 to 24 years). The genesis of UVCT traces back to the tragic loss suffered by the Rao family in December 1990, with the untimely demise of their beloved son, Urivi Vikram, in a road accident. Rather than succumbing to grief, the Rao couple, bolstered by the support of their community, resolved to commemorate Vikram's memory through altruistic endeavours. Within a year of Vikram’s passing, they established the Urivi Vikram Charitable Trust (UVCT), exemplifying an act of profound sublimation, aimed at empowering adolescents and alleviating the hardships faced by marginalized segments of society. UVCT has been instrumental in advocating for the recognition and prioritization of adolescents in India’s policy landscape. In 1999, the Trust organized a National Meet that culminated in the formulation of an advocacy document titled Towards a Policy for Young Adults, which garnered attention from the highest echelons of government, including the Prime Minister’s Office and the Planning Commission. Subsequently, UVCTs inclusion in the inaugural Working Group on Adolescents by the Planning Commission catalysed a paradigm shift in the nation’s approach towards adolescent empowerment, health, education, and skill development. UVCT established the ‘Urivi Vikram National Centre for Adolescents’, in September 2007 in Dwarka, Sector-22. The Centre has been visited by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India and Shiv Raj Patil, Governor of Punjab; and Dr. Karan Singh, a Statesman and eminent educationist. The Trust has organized a series of National Meets and Seminars, such as the National Meet (2005), Vision 2020, National Seminar (May 2015) and National Seminar (Dec 2017). UVCTs Motto is to find ways and means to transform India’s “Burden of Population” into an “Asset of Human Resources”. Also believes in promoting not only economically productive but also socially responsible citizens. UVCT is working in six states of India – Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Telangana, besides a Chapter in the USA through Government Schemes, UN Organisations, PSUs and individual donors. A Project to reform and rehabilitate young offenders in Tihar Prisons: Another salient effort has been of bringing the delinquent children and young offenders into the mainstream through ‘Life Skills Education’ education and skill up gradation.

Ek Mutthi- Ek Mutthi is a social welfare Trust whose aim is to build a society free of poverty, oppression and inequality. Dwarka City, the first newspaper of Dwarka, has started the Ek Mutthi Campaign, with the objective of solving the problem of hunger and malnutrition in Delhi. It is committed to the cause of mass welfare and instilling the spirit of social and moral responsibility. Ek Mutthi NGO urges those who can afford to donate a fistful of grain. The collected grains are distributed to the underprivileged. Mission of Ek Mutthi is to ensure that no one is devoid of basic food at least twice a day and to make Delhi “Hunger free” Ek Mutthi was conceptualised by Ms Sudha Sinha, Managing Editor of Dwarka City, a leading and oldest newspaper of the sub city. Ms Sudha Sinha is an entrepreneur, social worker and has been Secretary and President of the Federation of CGHS Dwarka. She is involved with many social organisations and keeps organising cultural events too. She is actively involved in many welfare activities. Ms Sudha Sinha has been conferred with many awards and accolades for her exceptional social work.

Women are the backbone of families and communities. They provide care, support, and nurturing to their families and are essential to the development of children. Women also play a significant role in community building and often take on leadership roles in community organizations. In spite of the vast strides made in various fields, women continue to struggle at different levels due to discrimination, ignorance and lack of proper guidance and appreciation of their contribution. NGOs working on women’s development all strive at building a society with a changed mind set regarding girls and women who, being aware of their rights, are celebrated, cared for and educated, and make informed choices independently. These are organisations where the values of Integrity, Compassion and Empathy are firmly instilled. These organisations provide yeomen service to further informal women workers’ rights, livelihoods, financial independence, education, health, and social security. These NGOs offer basic education, gender-sensitive education, and vocational training. They also offer training for self- employment and self-awareness programs, counseling and legal aid, organise awareness campaigns to provide access to information and resources, and dismantle stereotypes.


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