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International Women's Day, celebrated annually on March 8th, is a global day dedicated to honoring the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. It's a day to recognise the progress made toward gender equality and to acknowledge the work that still needs to be done. UN Women has declared this year's theme as "Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress." In a world grappling with various crises, including geopolitical conflicts, rising poverty, and the exacerbating effects of climate change, empowering women is crucial. By investing in women, we can ignite change and hasten the shift towards a healthier, safer, and more equitable world for everyone. 

The campaign theme for the global event is "Inspire Inclusion." This theme emphasises the importance of diversity and empowerment in society. It calls for breaking down barriers, challenging stereotypes, and valuing the contributions of women from all backgrounds. The campaign also promotes diversity in leadership and decision-making roles and encourages education and awareness initiatives to empower women.

In the entertainment industry, filmmakers are urged to promote diversity and representation on screen. While progress has been made, there is still work to be done to ensure equal opportunities for women in all fields. The theme of "Inspire Inclusion" serves as a reminder to create a more equitable and inclusive society for future generations. The origins of International Women's Day can be traced back to the early 20th century. In 1908, a group of women in New York City marched for better working conditions and the right to vote. The following year, the Socialist Party of America declared the first National Women's Day on February 28th. In 1910, an International Women's Conference was held in Copenhagen, where a woman named Clara Zetkin a German Marxist theorist, communist activist, and advocate for women's rights, proposed the idea of an International Women's Day to be celebrated on the same day every year. The proposal was unanimously approved, and the first International Women's Day was celebrated on March 19th, 1911. In 1913, Russian women observed International Women's Day on the last Sunday in February. This date was chosen because it coincided with the Russian Revolution of 1917, during which women gained suffrage. In 1914, International Women's Day was moved to March 8th, and it has been celebrated on this date ever since. International Women's Day is now recognised and celebrated in many countries around the world. It is a day to honor women's achievements, raise awareness about gender inequality, and advocate for women's rights. Each year, the day is marked with various events, including marches, rallies, conferences, and cultural performances.

International Women's Day 2024 offers a chance for individuals and organisations to honor the accomplishments of women from various backgrounds and to recommit to advancing gender equality. From grassroots efforts to large-scale initiatives, there are numerous ways to engage and effect change on International Women's Day.

Whether it's organising marches and rallies, hosting panel discussions and workshops, or simply acknowledging and valuing the women in our lives, everyone can contribute to promoting gender equality and empowering women and girls. By uniting in solidarity and support, we can foster a fairer and more inclusive world for generations to come. As we celebrate the International 

Women’s Day Dwarka City toasts womanhood and asks few liberated ones how they celebrated Women’s day-

Central Academy School- For over a century, International Women’s Day held on 8 March each year, has marked a day of celebration and advocacy for women’s rights and equality. The International Women’s Day was announced to highlight that we need to bring gender parity across the world. International Women's Day is a great opportunity to explore women's contributions throughout history in their countries and communities and the changes they brought in the societies. This day is not only to celebrate the extraordinary efforts made by these game changers but also dedicated to celebrating a woman in general, who plays several roles, and stands tall in the face of discrimination and gender inequality. It is a day that honours women globally. It is a day earmarked to raise awareness about women's rights & gender equality in all the spheres of life. And please note when I say equality; it means equality of rights, responsibilities and opportunity. It also means entitlement to live in dignity, safety and security.

Ms. Shalini Singh, Principal, Central Academy International School, Sector-10

Women empowerment is not just a matter of gender equality as a smart economics but a critical factor for becoming Viksit Bharat towards 2047. Understand SHE model having spiritual intelligence of a monk mind (not monkey mind of some so called liberated woman using artificial intelligence practically anti women in real sense). Empowering women economically unleashes their full potential, leading to a more prosperous and equitable society with high labor force participation rate is to be researched in right perspectives.  Investment in women's empowerment with gender budgeting has to be understood and implemented in right perspectives. To develop a necessary mindset for investment, it is imperative to encourage savings and deposits in banks by women by controlling appetite for greed. The adoption of needo-consumption to change the savings profile of women possess the potential to control inflation.

Prof. M. M. Goel, Prabha Apartments, Sector 23

DIS Edge- The art therapy under the able guidance of Asif Aslam, founder CEO , Bengali Fine Arts Academy and supported by Divyanshu Solanki, founder Inknibs, an entrepreneurial startup witnessed every participant blooming into a profound artist and the campus transforming to an art gallery! Today, as everyone celebrates Maha Shivaratri, let's honor the divine union of Shiva and Shakti, embodying strength and grace. While commemorating International Women's Day, let's embrace the spirit of inclusion and equality, recognizing the power of Shiva as Ardhanarishvara, symbolizing the harmonious balance of masculine and feminine energies. May this day inspire us to celebrate the inherent divinity within all genders and foster a world where everyone is empowered to thrive.

"I would like to wish all the empowered women a very Happy Women's Day. More power to us!"
Dr. Nishtha Bhutani,  Orthosquare, Sector-5

Stand N Stride Foundation (SnS) announced a series of activities as part of its Women's Day celebration. The Vice President and Head of Health Program at Stand N Stride Foundation, Mrs. Vijayalaxmi Poddar emphasized the organization's commitment to the health and wellness of its beneficiaries, particularly mothers and female students.
A significant highlight of the celebration was the launch of the foundation's flagship program, "First Period." This initiative targeted teenage girls anticipating their first period and offered a comprehensive support system. The program included regular awareness classes, continuous monitoring, and the distribution of free sanitary pads for one year. Mrs. Poddar, revealed that several government girls' schools have welcomed this initiative and expressed their willingness to collaborate. 

Today's women are more assertive and clear about their career goals and way to lead their lives. They have come a long way from what they were a few decades ago. This is a very positive development. They also make a significant contribution to society and this day is a day of recognition.
Ms. Ritu, Homemaker

I run a salon. I feel women today have a lot of power which they need to enforce. Today they have a lot of freedom and choice to choose a career. Earlier beauty treatment was not considered a very respectable career compared to banking, government jobs etc. It is no longer there. I am inspired by Mother Teresa. On the occasion of Women's Day we offered many discounts and gifts.
                  Ms. Shristi, Salon owner

It is a very important day in the lives of all women and recognition of what women can do if they have the conviction and motivation to succeed in any field. I feel that women should step out of their comfort zone and strive to excel in their fields of choice, with the help of their families and their professional capabilities and determination.
Ms. Deeksha, Kharak Singh Ka Dhaba

I operate a Jewellery Shop in Dwarka. Today women have matched men in all sectors. But they need to prove their capabilities at all stages and face challenges. There are many women who have succeeded in a vast range of sectors. Today women make their own decisions and right from wrong. 
Ms. Keerti, Karat by Keerti

Happy Women's day to all the women who contribute in keeping their family together. It is a celebration of what we have achieved and we should be proud. Wish that all women live their lives to the fullest and succeed in whatever they do.
Ms. Reena, Entrepreneur

I feel Women's Day is not just a celebration for one day. But every day women must be acknowledged for their contribution for their families and society. If the government has to bring a law or do something for women empowerment they should not wait for only this day. Rather it should be throughout the year and an on-going exercise.
Ms. Priya, Sai Coaching


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