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Vardhman City Mall in Sector-23 is the only shopping destination for residents of Sector-23. The Mall has a total 260 shops and is open seven days from 11am to 9pm. There is a large footfall in the mall and the footfall has increased since many societies have come up in Sector-23. There is ground floor, first and second floor in the mall. At the ground floor there is a sweets shop, boutiques, saloon, ATM, medical stores, electricity shops, etc. 

The mall has two lifts for convenience of shoppers. The mall has basement parking but the parking area have been rented to resale car-company. There is small parking place available at the back side. As it is risky to park on the main road so customers usually park at the back side of the mall. If the space is full, customers park near apartments or societies lane nearby. The shoppers are happy with the mall as most of the daily items are available here. There is Kalon laser clinic, Shortcrust bakes for bakery items, Evelopers industrial consultants, the Password Unplugged family restaurant and bar, Eye care opticals, Arrow academy, Bikaner sweets, Pearl boutique and Unisex salon. What else will one want in nearby market. However, there is problem of stink in the market. Says owner of Pearl Boutique, “Three entry gates are available and one of them is near drain, which is dirty and smells very bad.” Adds Seema Rao, “Washrooms are available at all the floor mostly are clean but sometimes due to lack of water it gets dirty. Then it starts smelling. This issue needs to be resolved.” Footfall of the customer increased in past a few years.

Dwarka City talked to few shoppers and shop owners-

There are around 260 shops, with office and boutiques etc. on first and second floor, daily needs shops on ground floor. We have our cleaning staff, which is doing a good job. Two main issues are there. One is parking where the builder has not provided but has given it on rent. Thus customers and shopkeepers can’t use the parking area in the basement and park vehicles on the road. It creates traffic problems and traffic police also object. We have raised an issue with the builder but don’t know when the issue will be resolved. Second is washroom cleaning, it is due to drains and sewer choking which MCD and DDA has to take. The water supply to washrooms is also erratic, though there are washrooms on every floor.

Phool Kumar, General Secretary, Vardhman City Mall

I have owned a property business for the last 13 years. Mall is busy with hustle and bustle. Shops are full and sweet shops, saloons, and daily need shops are there. Parking is not a big issue, but washrooms are normally smelly, but have improved over time.

Shiv Kumar

My shop has been here for the last 10 years. Cleaning is good. Online shopping has affected the physical attendance of customers. All daily needs items are available in the mall.

Arjun Pal, Shopkeeper

We have been running this salon for the last 4 years. Customers are increasing because more societies have also come up. Parking is not a big issue and shops are open from 11 am to 9 pm.
Vinod, Glitz salon

We have been coming to this shopping mall for the last 7 years. All daily needs items are available, doctors are also there. Roads are dirty and broken, and need repairs, but cleaning is okay.
Joginder Kaur, A customer

This market is good. Daily needs items like groceries, clothes, general merchant shops are there and we need not have to go elsewhere now.
Deepa Adhikari, A resident of Mahadev Appts.

Cleaning and maintenance is good. MCD often causes trouble and doesn't allow shopkeepers to keep goods outside in the pathway. Washroom conditions have improved.
Deepak Gaur, Shopkeeper

I have a paan shop. There is no maintenance. There is no cleanliness. The drains are dirty and overflowing. Water issue is also there. There is no water in toilets. There is no parking and shoppers have to park on the road.

The mall has open space where shopkeepers display their goods outside. The shopkeepers extend their shops to display their goods thereby reducing public space. This is angering few shoppers. Any encroachments should be removed right away and the space cleared. These shops should also be imposed fines and penalties for this so that they will not misuse public property again.
Rakesh Kumar

There is no maintenance in the mall at all. The elections of association are never held but association changes the MC by probably mutual decision. The new association is not doing anything. There is no proper lighting in the mall. Lights are turned off at 9 pm. Besides there is issue of water. There is no potable water available for the customers. There is issue of parking also. There is no security of vehicles. There are no guards for parking. There is problem of garbage also. Some rehdi walas litter so much after they leave. The market Association is not working properly. They should give water in toilets.

Washroom and toilets are not up to the mark. There is no water. As a girl I face lot to problem in the market due to dirty washroom. There is no cleanliness in the market. Also, there is issue of open drainage. There are chances of falling sick due to mosquitoes.                                                                   
Rishika Bhati

Many shops in the mall have extended their hold beyond their shop limits and have spread out outside. There is no place to walk. These shops owners are usurping public property and creating a nuisance for genuine shoppers. The authorities must remove these encroachments otherwise this will become a permanent feature.           
Mahesh Jain

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