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Exciting Launch Of Dwarka City Directory and Torch Bearer of Dwarka Award Function

The d- date of Directory launch is here and the most awaited, useful, and indispensable Dwarka City Directory will be unveiled at a function today. The Directory that is now complete will be launched today on the occasion of Republic Day with the Prize distribution ceremony of Painting Competition to be held by Dwarka City. Along with DC Directory launch, award will be given to the students for best academic performance and best co-curricular. There is an award for best teacher too. Few government officials will also be felicitated. The function promises to be exciting and thrilling with anxious students and teachers waiting for their name to be announced.

The Dwarka Directory has come a long way and this is the 17th edition. From the very beginning the Dwarka City Directory has been meticulously collecting and presenting the exhaustive information in a printed form, as a ready reckoner and user friendly guide to everything in Dwarka. The past 16 editions bear ample testimony to the fact that this has been a very successful and much needed experiment. This has given us the confidence to keep the contents growing and expanding the coverage. The Directory is a detailed compilation of contact details-address, telephone numbers, email addresses of all essential service of Dwarka, like schools, shops, chemists, restaurants, banks etc. The directory brings all the vital statistics of Dwarka at the resident's doorstep. All emergency numbers viz, hospitals, police, doctors, ambulances, essential services (water and power, MCD, DDA) and hospitality services like hotels and restaurants are listed. An important section relates to the educational institutions and government organisations in Dwarka. Malls have sprouted in various sectors and it is virtually impossible to keep track of the shopping options, speciality stores, food courts and restaurants other shops in these malls. Are your children craving fast food? Or need a quick birthday gift? Just turn to the relevant page of the Directory and the order is waiting for you in a jiffy! Dwarka City Directory makes such sifting and zeroing down on your specific need very effective. Short of cash and need to know the nearest ATMs? Or want to send an urgent document and need a courier service urgently? The Directory is just for you and it’s a must have at every home! As mentioned earlier, along with Directory launch, the Torch Bearer of Dwarka Award ceremony will be held. The Torch Bearers of Dwarka awards are very popular amongst students and over the years have become the most coveted award. Every student keeps vying to grab the most desired trophy. The prestigious Torch Bearer of Dwarka Awards is without doubt, the benchmark for excellence. This year too the Dwarka city office was flooded with entries from students. This year achievers will be awarded the titles of Best Student Boy and Girl (Academic), and Best Students-Co-Curricular. There will be a Best Teacher category too. Also, as a token of appreciation for the public servants that have been an essential part of the community, awards will be given to employees of organisations such as the Best employee of DDA, Delhi Police, BSES and MCD Dwarka. Besides, the winners of Word Pro, – Battle of Words competition will be awarded too. The jury for choosing the best nomination sat on 20th January at Radisson Blu Hotel, Spring Restaurant, Dwarka, Sector-13. The jury members this year were Prof Dr. Prasannanshu and Dr. Anil Sethi. Judging such a tough, competitive event is very challenging. One needs to be extremely objective and alert. The contenders are all very well qualified and all are eligible for this award since their work is very exemplary. Therefore, it was a difficult task to choose the Best. But jury members very objectively scrutinised all entries and patiently discussed each candidate’s performance. Says Sudha Sinha, Mg Editor, Dwarka City, “The critical phase of evaluation, selection and finalisation of the award from best five entries were done by the grand jury at Radisson Hotel on 20th January. As there was a large number of entries, a scrutiny committee sat earlier and selected the best five. It is actually a very big task as we receive hundreds of student’s nomination in each category from those desirous of getting selected for the awards. Each one is equally deserving and verifying the nominations and reviewing their activities and claims is a very detailed process. Now the final Award was selected by a jury that sat on 20th January.” Informs Bhavna Pandey, “On the basis of parameters set which included proof of mark sheets, certificates in various school, Inter-School, state level, national and international achievements final five students were shortlisted in each category. The teachers were interviewed by Jury members on 20th January itself. The nominees highlighted their achievements and shared their experiences. Scores were given based on achievements, and personal interview.” The jury then after detailed discussion and deliberations decided the final winners and sealed the envelope. The jury took the decision in an unbiased and transparent manner and Dwarka City had no say in their final decisions. Says Dr. Prasannanshu, “Dwarka City by introducing these awards is really doing a great service as I have seen many who remain motivated and do good work all through round to get this award. This indeed is the most prestigious award of Dwarka” Dr. Anil Sethi remarked, “The procedure of shortlisting and judging as well as final selection is very objective and systematic. Also, the entire procedure is transparent and no bias is allowed to come in.” Mukesh Sinha Mg. Editor Dwarka City said, “We are extremely delighted to see the number of participants in each category. Students are doing so well in academics as well as extra curricular. We had received a lot of entries and the students said that they were eagerly waiting for the award ceremony. We are happy that our awards are a source of encouragement and motivation to students.”


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