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Get Set Go And Create at Dwarka City Painting Competition

Dwarka City Painting Competition is unique as there is No Participating Fees and the registration is done on the spot.  The creativity of children is paramount for the organisers and this year all the  participating children will be given Gift to mark the Republic Day.  

Drawing and Painting competitions are an excellent platform for young minds to showcase their artistic skills, express their creativity and imagination, and develop essential life skills. Such competitions not only provide an opportunity for children to exhibit their artwork but also help them gain valuable experience, recognition, and appreciation for their efforts. With this motive Dwarka City has been organising painting competitions since the last 16 years on Republic Day. Today, on the occasion of Republic day, a painting competition will be held. The competition will be held today on Republic Day, 26th January, Friday at Dwarka Sports Complex, Sector-11 at 1.30 pm.

Republic Day is a day to feel proud about our country, our motherland, its rich cultural heritage and its achievements. What would be a better way to express these feelings than through the medium of vivid, bright and bold colours? This competition is thus aimed at rejuvenating the spirit of patriotism and unity amongst children in the sub city and motivating them on the path of holistic education. In Dwarka, Republic Day has, in a way, become synonymous with the Children’s Painting Competition. Being organised by Dwarka City for the past several years, this most awaited and looked-forward-to event is a big draw with children of all ages. It was only during Covid days that the competition was not held. Last year too competition could not be held on Republic day but was held later in April. The competition got an overwhelming response last year and this year too Dwarka City expects the same. It is always a delight to watch budding artists give wings to their flights of fantasies through the medium of colour. There is no restricting these children as they unleash their colourful ideas on paper, big and small. Children with their free, pure and simple thoughts and open mind give this an added shade of celebration. The organiser of the event are Mukesh Sinha and Sudha Sinha, Mg Editors of Dwarka City newspaper. This is a day when children’s imagination knows no barriers, no boundaries and they are free to splash colour and give wings to their flights of fancy. Says Mukesh Sinha, Mg. Editor, “Painting competitions encourage children to think outside the box, explore their creative potential, and come up with unique ideas and concepts. When children participate in such competitions, they are exposed to a diverse range of themes, topics, and challenges that challenge their imagination and creativity.”

The competition is open to all children of age groups 3 to 14 years. As in the past years, there will be three categories including 3-6 years, 7-10 years and 11-15 years. There will be one special category also. The topics will be announced on the spot. The topics for the different categories will be given at the venue. Drawing sheets will be provided by organizers but children are requested to bring painting material with them. Children can let their ideas flow through the medium that can be crayons, pencil colours, poster colours or Sketch pens. The winners will be judged and announced by a panel of reputed and well-known artists.

For the participants, Dwarka City Painting Competition promises to be a great event. While there are prizes galore for those taking part as well, there is a virtual bonanza for the winners in the different groups. 

The winners will get items like Cycle, mixie-grinder, and much more. The associate sponsors include Fair Deal Electronics, Manipal Hospitals, Vegas, Sarv Samaj Trust, Baloonwala, Puffs and Cakes, Rem Homes, Cut & Style Salon, Aviyan Institute, Get Well Soon, Central Academy, Fame Jam, AV Placement, Axis Bank, Allen, Ek Mutthi, Rotary Club of Delhi Govinda,  Karat by Keerti, Kadak Singh Da Dhaba & Cornitos. 

DDA sports complex Sector -11 is the venue for the painting competition. Col. Anuj Chaturvedi, Administrator, Sports Complex says, “We are looking forward to having the creative minds of Dwarka in our sports complex. The children and their parents can see the facilities available at the complex. We have done multiple additions and changes in the complex and that can be showcased during the visits of Dwarkaites.” 

Here's sponsors wishing children good luck for competition-

I truly believe that every child has a different skill, quality and talent and different mindset for learning skills. I am the founder of Aviyan Institute and we provide quality education under the guidance of subject experts of science, commerce and arts. I am blessed that God has given me opportunity of sponsoring Painting Competition of Dwarka City. I feel proud and happy to be part of this grand event.                     

Arnav, CEO of Aviyan Institute

On behalf of Khadak Singh Da Dhaba, I wish all the children a successful and bright future. I wish them luck for the painting competition too. It is a good initiative of Dwarka City and I am happy to be part of the event.

Ankit Gupta, Khadak Singh Dhaba

We have been sponsoring in Dwarka City Painting Competition since 2012 and we give a variety of prizes to winners. We will be giving electric thermos and smart watches to winners this year. I wish all the students best of luck for the competition.

Satin, Fair Deal Electronics

Painting is another way of expressing yourself. I wish all the participants all the very best. Use the color of your dreams and imaginations and express through your art. Also happy Republic Day to you all.

Keerti Rajora, Karat By Keerti, Sector-12

I strongly feel the necessity of empowering our students with certain skill sets which can help them in the due course of their lives. I find that development of skills is a critical component of a student's journey toward personal and professional success. We as academicians must work towards creating an ecosystem where academics and skills must coexist for the battle of the fittest to occur. I am a strong advocate of a schooling system that combines experiential and skill-based learning as it improves children’s creativity in the long run of time. When a student learns applying, and developing abilities acquired through experience, this type of learning retains with him for a lifetime as its not acquired through rot learning but experiencing. It becomes the onus of an educational institution to plan curriculum by understanding the learning system of a student. This strategy encourages pupils to think out of the box, evaluate their observation, and real time application of what they have learned. Providing life skills-based education at a young age helps students prepare for the real world. Skill development in school education is a crucial aspect of preparing students for success in both their academic and professional lives. It goes beyond traditional academic subjects and focuses on imparting practical skills that are essential for personal growth and future employment. Here at Central Academy International School, Sector 10, we encourage students to acquire skills through club activities which include a wide range of subjects like horticulture club, cooking club, entrepreneurship club that teaches them about developing self-employment skills. Ample focus is given on development of oratory skills and personality development. Mental health and in house counseling is the key feature that associates with overall and wholesome development of the students. 

Shalini Singh, Principal, Central Academy International School

We are pleased that Dwarka City is again organizing painting competition on 26th January, 2024 on DDA sports complex, Sector 11, Dwarka. Such events give opportunities to Children's to show their Art talent and give them good exposure. The Managing Committee and our angels give their best wishes for this competition.

K. N. Singh, President HCPA

We are providing snack boxes to students and teachers for a Painting competition. This is my first experience and I am very excited about it. I am a promoter of Fam Jam restaurant situated at Sector-11. I want to tell students- padhte raho and Bhadate raho and become pride of the nation.

Shivam Vashist, Fam Jam restaurant

Judges for the Painting Competition.

Shivraj Singh- Shivraj is a visual artist, designer and teacher. He has a master of Fine Arts from Gwalior University and diploma in Fashion designing from New Delhi. Shivraj is presently working as HOD Fine Arts with ITL public school, Dwarka. He has more than 15 years of experience in secondary to senior secondary level, as an enthusiastic educator who is passionate about introducing students to a broad range of art media. He says, “I am just trying to make an attempt the create interest in students in creative activity with simplified manner through various kinds of medium and tools.” He has to his credit Rashtriya Gaurav Samman awarded by Avantika International painting competition. He has received many prizes and certificates in painting competitions. Shivraj has also participated in Fashion shows as a Fashion designer and also as a model. He has participated in many painting exhibitions too. He has been invited for judging for various Inter school and Zonal /State level Art competition, MHRD, Delhi.

Ramesh Yadav- Ramesh Yadav, is a master of the canvas whose brushstrokes bring landscapes and nature to life. Hailing from the picturesque realms of artistic expression, Ramesh captures the essence of the natural world with a discerning eye and a profound connection to the environment. His creations transport viewers to serene meadows, majestic mountains, and tranquil waterscapes, inviting them to immerse themselves in the beauty of the great outdoors. Ramesh has been awarded a state award by the Delhi state government for outstanding work. He is currently an executive member of the teacher's association in the west B zone of Delhi government schools. His various other students are working in fields like sculpting, tattooing, teaching as well and defence services. His subjects are peace, nature. His latest exhibition "Verdant Serenity" goes beyond mere representation-it is a canvas that mirrors life's enduring journey.

Asurvedh - He learns from the limitations and predefined rendition of nature and lo behold an idea impregnated from his experiences starts taking birth in bronze or wood, marble, sand stone or whatever seems at the moment best media of expression. Asurvedh is presently working in Delhi administration school. Asurvedh is B.F.A. & M.F.A. In Sculpture with 1st Class First {Gold Medalist} from College of Arts Delhi. He has done a Four Year Diploma in Art and Craft B. V. B. {Board of Technical Education Delhi}. He was visiting Lecturer in Institute of Art and Craft, B. V. B., New Delhi. Asurvedh has done many International shows and has many awards to his credit.

Seema Vats (sculptor) – Seema is a contemporary artist presently working in DOE NCT education department as a lecturer in fine art. She uses different mediums for the artworks. In most of her artworks, an inner pain is visible. She shows this pain in the form of struggle in her creations. "Mother and child" is a real and wonderful gift of nature. She says, “As a teacher I am learning from my students their way to express the subject and their way to express themselves.”


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