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It’s celebration time again. A day to feel proud about our country, our motherland, its rich cultural heritage and its achievements. What would be a better way to express these feelings than through the medium of vivid, bright and bold colours? Yes, children! Start gearing up for Dwarka City Republic day Painting competition. It’s back with a bang! In Dwarka, Republic Day has, in a way, become synonymous with the Children’s Painting Competition. Being organised by Dwarka City for the past 16 years, this most awaited and looked-forward-to event is a big draw with children of all ages. A sea of colours runs riot as budding artists give wings to their flights of fantasies through the medium of colour. There is no restricting these children as they unleash their colourful ideas on paper, big and small. The competition, will be held on Republic Day, 26th January, Friday at Sports Complex, Sector-11, Dwarka at 1.30 pm. The competition is open to all children of age groups 3 to 14 years. As in the past years, there will be three categories including 3-6 years, 7-10 years and 11-14 years. There will be one special category also. The topics will be announced on the spot. The topics for the different categories will be given at the venue. Drawing sheets will be provided by organizers but children are requested to bring painting material with them. Children can let their ideas flow through the medium that can be crayons, pencil colours, poster colours or Sketch pens. The winners will be judged and announced by a panel of reputed and well-known artists.
 To participate whatsApp your details like name, age and school 
at 9971921453


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