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Sailesh Kumar, has recently taken up the new charge of SDM Dwarka. The SDM is responsible for several executive and magisterial roles to play under Criminal Procedure Code 1973. It discharge a number of Revenue functions – such as those that involve maintenance of land records, conduct of revenue cases, carrying out of demarcation and mutations, settlement operations and functioning as custodian of public land. Sub Divisional Magistrates are designated as Assistant Collectors and Revenue Assistants and are primarily responsible for day to day revenue work. SDMs are also empowered to issue various kinds of statutory certificates including SC/ST & OBC, Domicile, Nationality etc. Registration of Property documents, sale deeds, power of attorneys, share certificates and all other documents which need to be compulsorily registered as per law. Also SDMs discharge a number of Magisterial functions since the Sub Divisional Magistrates exercise powers of Executive Magistrates. In this role they are responsible for operating preventive Sections of Code of Criminal Procedure. Sub Divisional Magistrates are empowered to conduct enquiries into custodial deaths including deaths in Police Lock Up, Jails, Women Homes etc. The Officers of this Department are also expected to act as eyes and ears of the Government and conduct enquiries into all major accidents including major fires incidents, riots and natural calamities etc. As part of their functions, the SDM also plays an important role in Disaster Management and is given the primary responsibility for relief and rehabilitation operations in any calamity whether natural or man-made.

Dwarka City talked to new SDM recently-

1. Please highlight the activities and functions of this office. 

The role of the SDM office is to maintain revenue records, issue all e-governance related certificates and documents such as marriage certificates, society registration certificates, birth and death certificates, caste certificate, Aadhar and other direct benefit entitlement documents towards the government schemes.

2. What area comes under SDM office Dwarka?

According to revenue record Dwarka is developed at Toganpur Village. There are 20 villages that comes under SDM Dwarka. These include Ambrahi, Bindapur, Palam, Nangli Sakravati, Naseerpur, Dhulsiras, Pochanpur, Aslatpur, Khadar, Hastsal, Toganpur, Navada, Hasal mazra, Nanglijalib, Dabri, Loharheri, Kakrola, Matiala, Rajapuri, Posangipur, Budhela, Mirzapur.

3. Delhi government has declared to make Delhi Plastic free zone. What initiatives do you plan?

Regarding making Dwarka a plastic free zone, let me first take stock of what all has been done in this regard so far, so that I take things forward. I intend to meet RWAs, Market associations, Institutional organisations and discuss with them and seek their cooperation to make Dwarka a plastic free zone.

4. What plans do you have for Dwarka Office?

We plan to make Dwarka SDM office as a model office for Delhi, and have sent our recommendation and requirement to our higher ups, and await their clearance on this aspect.

5. We find a long queue at your office most of the time. What kind of services, you provide.

Since, the earlier SDM was on leave for long, hence some pendency in work is there, but I hope to clear and dissolve all the pendency, with regard to issuance of SC/ ST certificate or marriage certificate or any other in another two weeks.

6. We have come to know that most of the services are online still people come here, what is the reason?.

People can avail the services of SDM office without visiting there. A phone number is provided to the people through which they can send their service request and then an officer of Delhi government would visit the person and do all the formalities. This is the first time that any government in the world has started this type of facility. The relevant certificate would be sent to the applicant within a week. People should avail this facility.

7. What message would you like to give to residents?

We request residents to cooperate with us. One can meet me from 10 am to 11 am. I am available in office from 10 am to 5 pm.


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