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In Dwarka, a series of tree-cutting incidents under the guise of pruning have been reported recently. According to individuals involved in the campaign to save trees, even after obtaining permission, trees are being excessively cut, reducing their density, and preventing the growth of large and robust branches. Residents associated with the environments revealed that an unauthorized felling of trees has been done. The information of unauthorised felling has been reported in many places but no action has been taken yet, One of the environmentalists mentioned that complaints have been filed with the forest department regarding the cutting of trees in Dwarka. He highlighted instances in Sector 6's Param Puneet Apartments and Guru Apartments. Meanwhile, the forest team visited one apartment and prepared a report after assessing the situation.

The RWA of Rainbow Apartments, Sector 12 has also lodged a complaint, alleging improper tree pruning by the contractor with the consent of few residents. According to Nisha, Gen. Secretary, a group arrived under the pretext of tree pruning but engaged in severe and unauthorized tree cutting, rendering them incapable of regrowth. The situation escalated when a truck loaded with felled wood left the premises, raising concerns about the scale of the operation. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) became involved when some members conducted an inspection, confirming the fears of the residents. The MCD officials reportedly stated that the trees were improperly cut, posing a significant hindrance to any future growth. Residents are now calling for a comprehensive investigation into the incident, demanding accountability for those responsible. Despite claims from some of the residents that permission for tree pruning had been obtained, Nisha emphasizes the need for a closer examination, given the extent of the damage. "It took months to get approval from the MCD for tree pruning. If these individuals had indeed acquired permission, how did such severe damage occur?" questions Nisha. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of stringent checks and balances to safeguard the community's greenery. Residents are urging authorities to address the matter promptly, ensuring that those responsible are held accountable, and implementing measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. As Rainbow Apartment residents rally together to restore and protect their green spaces, the incident highlights the need for increased vigilance and transparency in all tree pruning activities within the community.
The horticulture department of the MCD has visited the site, and the forest department is investigating complaints received from Dwarka.


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