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The issue of water scarcity once again has started plaguing residents of Dwarka. With summers approaching and the temperatures rising, residents are growing increasingly frustrated with the rationing of water, especially in DDA pockets. Numerous societies in Dwarka have been grappling with ongoing water scarcity and concerns about contaminated water. Despite this, authorities have largely ignored their grievances, which are flooding in from various sectors of Dwarka. Initially, the problem was of insufficient water supply, but now residents are also troubled by the issue of contaminated water. Although the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) has increased water supply, the population growth has outpaced this, leaving a persistent gap between demand and supply. Water pressure in Dwarka remains alarmingly low, and residents in different sectors attribute this crisis to the inadequate supply by the DJB. As a result, they have no choice but to resort to purchasing water from private tankers. Kunal Garg from Sector-12 laments, “Residents are currently facing a severe shortage of water supply. Water tankers are also scarce, and despite repeated requests to the DJB, the situation remains unchanged. We've lodged several complaints with the Chief Engineer and Executive Engineer of the DJB, but to no avail.” Additionally, tap water is found to be contaminated. 

Namita Jain of Sector-12 reports, “We've been closely monitoring the quality of DJB's drinking water supply. It has been smelly and yellowish for the past week, especially in Sector 12. It is clearly unfit for consumption, raising concerns about bacterial diseases. We're advising everyone to boil water before drinking until clean supply is restored.” 

Shikha of DDA flats in Sector-4 adds, "Even on the first floor, water pressure is extremely low. We are compelled to purchase drinking water, which imposes a financial burden on all families. Since water is indispensable for household activities like washing, cooking, bathing, and sanitation, we cannot function without it. We're diligently conserving water, but without a steady supply for days, survival becomes a challenge.” In light of the prevailing hot weather, it is imperative that authorities take prompt measures to improve water supply in the area.

Annu Yadav (Manager) from Asha deep CGHS Ltd, Sector 2, says, “Our society is facing the problem of water scarcity since few days. It is very difficult to do daily routine work. Authorities are requested to please resolve the problems immediately.” Another resident of Ramkrishna CGHS, Sector-23 informed that they too are facing acute water shortage. He says, “We are getting our required water through tankers but it is more difficult these days getting water tankers as we have to do the advance booking. DJB water supply has very little pressure and hence our tanks hardly get filled. With the summer likely to be harsh, there is a serious problem facing 134 families in our society that needs to be addressed immediately.”


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