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Career Guidance Workshop By DCEB Campus

Sachdeva Global School, Dwarka organized a workshop on Career Guidance on 26 April’ 24 on the topic ‘New Age Careers’ for the students of Classes X-XII. The session was led by an eminent resource person Shrey Singhal. He covered aspects such as various available career options in different streams, how to make a suitable career choice, and how to decide on the best-suited courses and colleges

The workshop was highly engaging, with an enthusiastic audience eager to explore new opportunities in the evolving job market. Shrey Singhal facilitated a dynamic session, encouraging active participation from the audience. He discussed various career paths available to commerce graduates, such as finance analyst, marketing manager, accountant, business consultant, and entrepreneur, and highlighted the skills and qualifications needed for each role. Attendees were divided into groups based on their academic streams, allowing for tailored discussions and insights relevant to their interests and backgrounds. The motive of the webinar was to provide valuable insights and guidance for students on
effectively navigating the shift from the academic environment to the corporate world. The session aimed to equip participants with the necessary skills, knowledge, and mindset to make a seamless transition and thrive in their professional careers. He shared insights into current trends and challenges in the business world, including the impact of technology, globalization, sustainability, and digital transformation.

Throughout the workshop, attendees were actively engaged in brainstorming sessions, exchanging ideas, and exploring potential career paths aligned with their skills and aspirations. The workshop proved to be not only informative but also inspiring, as attendees left with a clearer understanding of the diverse opportunities available in the modern workforce. HOS, Ms. Miti Dhingra informed that the workshop was followed by an interactive question and answer session, during which participants had the chance to ask specific questions related to their concerns about transitioning from school to corporate life. The presenter provided practical solutions and advice based on their experience and expertise.


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