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In order to give back to society and help the underprivileged, Dwarka City has started Ek Mutthi Campaign. Ek Mutthi NGO was founded by Sudha Sinha, Mg Editor Dwarka City to help the hungry and needy. Ek Mutthi, an NGO, under Social Connect program has involved school students too in various social activities for the upliftment of the Society. This way the youth can be committed to the cause of mass welfare and it will help instilling the spirit of social and moral responsibility. Collective strength can bring about radical changes in the society. The students of Dwarka schools are doing great work of collecting grains. Ek Mutthi, recently organised grain collection camp in Sri VIS Sector 18 Dwarka. Informs Sudha Sinha, “We wanted to bring smiles on faces of underpriviledged children. Thus, we involve students of various schools of Dwarka who learn to give back to society. I thank Director Nita Arora for organising grain collection in her school.” Students of class 9th,10th, and 11th were involved in this activity. Around 470 kg of rice and 315 kg of daal was collected. We had called Ek Mutthi to take away collection by our students to help poor. Nobody should go hungry. It is a very small gesture but it will make our children realise that as a collective effort it will help lot of people. Giving our share is the biggest donation and this is taught in our school,” says Nita Arora, Director. Ms Ushma Bathla Kapoor, PGT fashion Studies and activity Incharge initiated students to contribute generously.


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