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Rotary Club of Delhi Govinda Hosts Inspiring Felicitation Ceremony

The Rotary Club of Delhi Govinda Dwarka recently orchestrated a momentous felicitation ceremony at Chhattisgarh Bhawan in Sector-13 on April 28th, acknowledging the stellar achievements of individuals, who have excelled in various domains. Among the honorees were Rtn. Ajeet Jalan, poised to take on the role of District Governor for 2026-2027, alongside the accomplished duo, Ms. Ishita Phuloria and Ms. Mahima Chaubey, notable residents of Dwarka who triumphed in the UPSC Civil Services Examination of 2023. S P Singh, President of Rotary Club Dwarka Govinda, said "Today's event is a testament to our club's dynamic spirit. Just two days ago, we were solely focused on felicitating our District Governor. However, the insightful suggestion from our esteemed M.P. Garg highlighted the presence of two budding IAS officers in Dwarka, prompting us to extend our accolades to them as well. This timely initiative has culminated in a resounding success."

Ms. Ishita Phuloria shared her heartfelt sentiments, expressing gratitude towards the Rotary Club of Delhi Govinda for the warm invitation and the exceptional hospitality extended to her. Reflecting on her experience, she remarked, "The program was truly excellent. Every individual I encountered exuded kindness, and I was honored to address the gathering, sharing my journey and experiences with the UPSC examination. My preparation spanned over 3.5 years, encompassing various challenges such as stress and anxiety. However, I believe in maintaining a balanced approach, ensuring periodic breaks without completely isolating oneself. I owe a debt of gratitude to my family, whose unwavering support and encouragement propelled me forward. Success in any endeavor demands diligent effort and a judicious choice of priorities."

Mukesh Kumar Sinha, President-elect, added, "Today marks a significant milestone for our club. We not only celebrated the distinguished career of our future District Governor but also extended our support to the bright minds of Dwarka who have achieved remarkable success in the UPSC examination. This initiative underscores our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a culture of excellence within our community. I am humbled by the opportunity to serve as the President of the Rotary Club of Delhi Govinda in the upcoming months. Our vision is to elevate our club's stature by undertaking additional initiatives that amplify our impact and outreach. Dwarka is home to numerous NGOs, each contributing to the welfare of society. I aspire to lead our club towards greater prominence and efficacy, forging stronger collaborations with our members."

Rtn. CA  Ajeet Jalan, District Governor designate for 2026-2027, remarked, "Rotary is a remarkable organization that transcends borders, operating in over 200 countries and territories. Today's event is particularly poignant for Ishita Phuloria, symbolizing the culmination of her perseverance and her family's unwavering support. Positivity is a crucial ingredient for success in life; it is not the circumstances that define us but our ability to find solutions amidst challenges. The parallels between Ishita's journey and Rotary's ethos are evident; both emphasize the significance of service and community connection."

Former IPS officer P K Bhardwaj, the esteemed guest of honor, shared his heartfelt congratulations with Ishita and Mahima, acknowledging their dedication and discipline. "The hard work, discipline, and dedication they have demonstrated reflect not only their personal endeavors but also the support of their families," he remarked. "Seeing Ishita and Mahima takes me back to 37 years ago when I was of their age. I transitioned from a public sector sales officer with a modest salary to serving my country for 37 years. The commitment we make to ourselves and to our goals, if lived daily, can lead to profound achievements. The Government of India has been kind to us, offering numerous benefits in return for our service." 
The felicitation ceremony, imbued with a spirit of camaraderie and inspiration, epitomizes the ethos of the Rotary Club of Delhi Govinda Dwarka, reaffirming its commitment to excellence and service to society.


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