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Stray cows are a frequent cause of road accidents in cities, where they roam carefree on the roads. At times they even charge at pedestrians and vehicles leading to injuries for pedestrians. Stationary cows on the road are a cause of frequent deadly road accidents in the sub-city. When cows become incapable of producing milk at a dairy farm, they are removed from the farms by sending them to slaughter houses and leaving them to fend for themselves. Then the cows wander around in search of food and spread across residential areas. They often crowd around dustbins and garbage dumps. Cows roam all around Sector 11 metro station- There are hordes of cows freely roaming around this busy place. Says Arunima, a student, “It is so difficult to walk to the station entrance with all the cows right in the middle of the road. It is a very dangerous situation as well. The authorities must round up the stray cattle and take them to some designated shelter for them”.

DDA Market Sector-
23 gets converted into a feeding station- The DDA market has been converted into a cattle feeding place over time. As a result of this one can find scores of cows here. People put leftover food, etc. for the cows who are attracted to this and linger around this place. “It has become a big collection point for stray cows here and is causing a lot of irritation and nuisance for shoppers and the public in general. These cows should be taken to some safe place where they can be fed and they will not cause any inconvenience to the public,”  

Cattle in front of Indian Heights School- Stray cattle can always be seen wandering and scrounging through the garbage daily in front of the Indian Heights School, Sector 23. They not only spread the garbage all over the road, it is also a big hazard both for the animals and the environment. Authorities must take immediate action to remove the cows from here and clean up the garbage.
Cows in front in Ranjit Vihar -There are dozens of cows walking all over the road in front of Ranjit Vihar, Sector-22. They cause a lot of inconvenience for pedestrians as well as motorists as they often sit in the middle of the road. Says Aditi, “It is very difficult and risky to cross or even walk on the road as the cows are standing or sitting on the roads and we have to manage to find a way somehow.”

Cows wander in Sector 23-There are herds of cows seen on the road, near the traffic light in Sector 23. This is a busy road and the cattle obstruct the movement of traffic. Informs Prof. Vijay Dhawan, “The police must take action and remove the herds. There are chances of traffic accidents taking place as these animals continue to stray onto the roads and it is a traffic nuisance as well as a hazard.”


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