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Diversion In Front of Shubham CGHS Proving Fatal

Dwarka Expressway work is underway and another flyover is being constructed that connects Sector-22 to Expressway flyover. The residents of Sector-22 are facing a lot of inconvenience due to construction of flyover. Recently a diversion have been formed in front of Shubham Apartments, Sector-22 combining both service 
lane with main road. The main road in front of Shubham Apartment connects with the flyover. Now a blockage that demarcates service road to main road and has been removed right in front of Shubham Apartments. This is creating a blind spot and a lot of accidents are taking place every day. Those vehicles coming from Shubham Apartments directly collides with vehicles on the main road. This is quite dangerous. Jt. Secretary of Shubham Apartment informs, “This seems to be a permanent diversion. They have made the service road into a highway - main road. Buses are going from service this road. This is causing a lot of accidents. Everyday we witness some accidents. If they had to make a diversion, they should have done a few meters before or after the Apartment gate.” Anup Kumar, We are facing a lot of inconvenience due to construction of the flyover. We were not told by authorities about the diversion. We don’t even know if it is temporary or permanent. Big containers also go from here and all vehicles move very fast here. This has turned our area into a danger zone.” Another resident says, “Earlier there was only a small cut and only bikes or two wheelers could go to the main road from here. But now they have broadened the cut to go to the main road. Now buses, trucks all use the service lane. This is causing inconvenience.” Sudha Sinha, Secretary of Delhi Apartments states, “A new flyover is coming up that connects Sector-22 to Dwarka expressway flyover. This is a good project and will improve connectivity, but the problem has arisen when the construction authorities have made a road in front of Shubham Apartments connecting the service road to the main road. Recently, a terrible accident occurred in front of Shubham Apartment. I have heard that accidents are occurring every day and traffic jams are also seen there. The unfortunate part is Traffic police are not taking any action on this and no solution is provided. I request DCP Police, ACP Traffic to ensure that development activities are undertaken in a systematic way and safety of residents be given utmost importance.”



In the wake of development of modern infrastructure, construction of roads and flyovers are an integral part of major turnkey projects. However during the execution phase of such projects, it is imperative that the relevant measures are put in place to mitigate the discomfort of the local residents and passersby. Construction of one such major project namely “Dwarka Expressway” connecting southwest and west Delhi to Gurugram is underway. The construction work will extend beyond December, 2023. Till then, residents of sector 22 & 23 Dwarka continue to face traffic congestion and severe dust pollution. Constant chaos at the intersection connecting sectors 22 & 23 is witnessed daily during peak & non-peak hours. Miles of heavy traffic snarls can be seen on roads as two lanes are blocked and the road has been dug up. Missing traffic lights, encroachments, potholes and dilapidated service roads add up to traffic mismanagement. Furthermore, there are no water sprinklers at the construction site to bring down dust pollution. Deployment of Anti smog guns would help as they spray atomized water which creates an artificial mist sticking air borne pollutants and help bringing them down to the ground. Also, an adequate number of Traffic Marshalls be deployed to prevent traffic congestion resulting in smooth flow of traffic at all hours. 


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