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Workshops on Waste to Whimsical Fashion

A vibrant fashion show put together by students of N. K. Bagrodia Public School, for Dwarka City EnglishBytes Design Bootcamp. Each one of us lives a ‘systematic’ life characterized by rules and regulations. But times change, rules change, the world changes and this change results in chaos. Chaos is art and that is exactly what the workshop was put across. Dwarka City-English Bytes conducted Rapid Ideation and Sustainability through Design workshops for students of N. K. Bagrodia Public School, MDH International School, Paramount International School, Basava International School and DIS Edge Dwarka. It started with screaming, defying the rules, abiding by the norms but breaking them at the same time and ultimately it ended in a unique fashion show. The workshop proved to be a memorable one and was an eye opener. Putting together waste material such as newspapers and old dupattas the dresses that the models wore reflected great ideas. The principals and teachers appreciated the initiative of providing a memorable learning experience to the students. “Art and design are some of the fields that are not quite exposed to public eyes. And one of the main reasons to conduct these workshops is to make students aware of future options in design.” said Ms. Sudha Sinha, Director, DCEB Campus “In the workshops, the students got to experience creativity and teamwork and created exceptional designs from waste and presented fashion shows with confidence and aplomb.”By Gursimar Kaur


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