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The recent inauguration of the Dwarka expressway has marked the dawn of a new era in commuting efficiency. The expressway has drastically cut down travel time between Dwarka and Gurgaon to a mere 15 minutes. Travelers fortunate enough to traverse this expressway laud it as a remarkable and trouble- free journey, offering a sense of velocity and convenience previously unheard of on congested routes.
The expressway’s junction-free corridor ensures a seamless traffic flow, eradicating the irritations of stop-and-go driving. This has rendered it the preferred choice for commuters seeking to evade the infamous traffic jams that frequently clog NH 48 and MG Road during peak hours. Safety stands as a paramount concern on this expressway, with cutting-edge infrastructure and rigorous safety measures in place. Well-preserved lanes, sophisticated signaling systems, and round-the-clock surveillance contribute to a secure commuting atmosphere, offering solace to travellers at every juncture. Spanning 29 kilometers, the expressway, erected at a cost of Rs 4,100 crore, integrates tunnels, underpasses, flyovers, and elevated structures to facilitate smoother traffic flow between Delhi and Gurugram. Extending over 18.9 kilometers in Haryana and 10.1 kilometers in Delhi, the expressway vows to redefine travel experiences for commuters in the vicinity. Gadkari accentuated the project’s environmentally conscious approach, incorporating 30,000 tons of waste in its construction, embodying a dedication to sustainability. • The 10.1-kilometer expressway in Delhi links to Basai in Haryana and flaunts an 8.6- kilometer elevated section with an 8-lane main carriageway. Noteworthy features comprise: Intersection- free lanes, Four vehicular underpasses, Raised service road at five major intersections, Subterranean passages, pedestrian walkways, and bicycle lanes, Rainwater harvesting and groundwater replenishment facilities, Broadest railway-over-bridge with 16 lanes, One of the lengthiest 'bow spring steel bridges' at 125 meters. Even though all the authorities and Delhi is going ga-ga over the Expressway, are Dwarkaites happy with its construction? 

Is it a boon or bane for Dwarkaites? Let’s hear them out-

Residents of Shubham Apartment Sector 22 in Dwarka are facing severe traffic congestion and safety issues due to a new flyover construction. Pedestrian safety is compromised by noise and hazardous road crossings, exacerbated by slow construction progress. They propose temporary traffic diversions and urge authorities to address impersonation of law enforcement. Residents seek prompt action to ease congestion, enhance pedestrian safety, expedite construction, and ensure security. Collaboration between authorities and the community is vital for resolving these concerns and creating a safer environment. 
 Ravindra Arora, Shubham Apartment, Sector-22

“The ongoing construction work has become a nightmare for us. It not only disrupts daily life but noise generated due to construction activities have taken a toll on our well-being, depriving us of much- needed sleep. The incessant noise pollution has reached unbearable levels. I want the concerned authorities to complete construction activities, as timely completion of the project, coupled with effective noise pollution control measures, is imperative to restore peace and tranquility to the neighborhood. We have been hearing that the flyover work will be completed soon, but I don’t know when it will finally be completed.”
Ms. Seema Goel, Dream Apartments, Sector-22

“The construction of the flyover is more of a bane for us. The expressway and flyover have introduced a range of issues that authorities failed to anticipate. The traffic jams, especially during peak hours and school times, invariably cause a 400-meter-long traffic jam from the apartment's front gate to the main road. Many drivers are using service lines and side streets to bypass the traffic, leading to chaos and posing risks to pedestrians. We could anticipate this and raised our concerns along with Sudha Sinha with the authorities, and even organized protests. The felling of trees is also an environmental issue. Regulating traffic during peak hours, and stopping errant drivers to use service lanes is a must. Authorities must build safe walkways, pedestrian crossings, and other infrastructure to protect residents from erratic traffic. Extending the flyover or creating alternative routes to reduce the pressure on local roads is another option which authorities must ponder sincerely.”
Arun Kumar, General Secretary
New Kanchanjunga Apartments, Sector-23

"The biggest problem due to construction of flyover is the speed of the vehicles, which is much higher than the regular vehicle speed on a road, which have resulted in many accidents here. The high-speed traffic has made it dangerous for vehicles entering or exiting the flyover, creating hazardous conditions for everyone on the road. Some school buses need to pick up children from the road ahead of the sector, but the road is narrow and crooked, making it difficult for buses to maneuver safely. This problem complicates the daily routines of families with school-aged children, adding stress and risk to their commutes. Speed control measures must be put on the flyover. Apart from it, the drainage canal, which was constructed hastily during the flyover's opening, is still incomplete even after one and a half months since the inauguration. This unfinished project creates multiple hazards, including water stagnation and the potential for flooding, which can damage the road and surrounding areas.”
Susheel Goura, Subham Apartments, Sector-22

“With the completion of the expressway, the once serene neighborhood has transformed into a hub of
chaos and pollution. The indiscriminate chopping of trees has stripped the area of its greenery, while
the incessant noise and air pollution from construction activities have become unbearable. The single- lane traffic situation exacerbates daily commutes, making it difficult for parents to drop off and pick up their children from school. I believe, the authorities should have involved local residents in deciding such projects so that concerns of residents are taken care of from the beginning itself. Only through collaboration between authorities and local communities can sustainable development be achieved, ensuring a harmonious balance between progress and quality of life for all residents.”
 Ms. Poonam Sharma, Dream Apartments, Sector-22
“For the construction of the flyover and expressway, a lot of trees were cut. The extensive tree cutting in Sectors 22 and 23 has significantly increased the area's pollution levels, exacerbating the already high pollution in Delhi. After the trees were chopped down, no new plantations have been done. Planting of trees around the affected areas, particularly near service lines, is needed to restore the much-needed greenery in the area and improve air quality. The impact of opening the flyover is not limited to noise and disruption, but also on air pollution. Authorities must visit our neighbourhood to assess the impact and take remedial measures.”
Ms. Shikha 
Dream Apartments, Sector-22

“The design and traffic flow have caused considerable congestion in service lanes due to the flyover, which were not designed to handle this level of traffic. The congestion creates long delays and poses risks to pedestrians and cyclists. Besides, the residents are dealing with constant noise and dust, which is not only an annoyance but also a health hazard that affects people's well-being, making it challenging for families to find peace in their own homes. The loss of green spaces has contributed to a decrease in air quality and a rise in temperatures. It is imperative that the authorities must involve the local community during planning discussions. By listening to the concerns of those who live in the affected areas, the city can ensure that new developments align with the needs and safety of the local community.”
D C Mathur, Jt. Secretary 
New Kanchanjunga Apartments, Sector-23

“I recall that even during the initial stages of this flyover project, residents and RWAs in Dwarka had protested against making of the flyover, as it was estimated that it would draw traffic from Rajasthan and Haryana into Dwarka, leading to chaos and increased pollution. We had also expressed concern about the three schools located just 400 yards from where the flyover falls. Now, whatever we had feared in the beginning has come true. The flyover has led to severe traffic congestion and pollution, with service lanes becoming clogged with vehicles, impacting the movement of residents, especially during emergencies or urgent tasks. The authorities need to find ways to manage the traffic jams. Though I must say that there is no clear solution at the moment, a concerted effort by the authorities to resolve these issues and ensure the safety and well-being of the local community is the need of the hour.”
C L Paul, President
New Kanchanjunga Apartments, Sector 23

“The accumulation of garbage near our apartment complex is a major concern, and the situation is worsening also because of the irresponsible behavior of passing traffic, which often discards car garbage on the already accumulated garbage. The ongoing construction activities in the area are also adding to our woes. The main roads are congested due to construction, and thus vehicles are now diverting to service roads, causing inconvenience and safety concerns for residents. The unauthorized use of service roads by passing vehicles not only disrupts the tranquility of the residential area but also poses potential risks to pedestrians and residents. Authorities must maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the area, and police must control unauthorised use of service roads.”
Ms. Shalu Sehrawat
Dream Apartments, Sector-22

“There is a genuine traffic concern for us residents. Traffic from the Dwarka Expressway is entering the service lanes when drivers come from the red light, leading to long delays and congestion that can last for hours, particularly during the morning and evening rush hours, which doesn’t get away quickly. This makes it difficult for parents to drop their children off at school on time. These traffic congestions are also a safety hazard. How emergency vehicles like ambulances or fire brigades can play in such congestion. It had been better that the flyover would have been extended till sector 9 or 10, where there are no residential buildings on either side. It would have made traffic flow smoother in sector 23. Authorities can still come and assess the situation and make necessary alterations in the flyover.”    
Mr. Srivastava
Mahadev Apartment, Sector-23

“When the flyover was constructed, it was claimed that it would improve traffic flow and ease traffic pressure from the Gurgaon highway and thus save time for commuters. However, the reality has been quite different, affecting the daily mobility of local residents. The new flyover has led to increased traffic congestion, pollution, and safety risks in Sector 22 and surrounding areas. The pressure on local roads has intensified, resulting in arguments and accidents. The flyover's design and its intersection with local roads have created bottlenecks, causing traffic to back up and become chaotic.
I urge authorities to visit the area in the evening to witness the extent of the problem. By observing firsthand, they can understand the impact of the flyover on local residents and work on implementing solutions to improve safety and traffic management.”
Mohinder Prakash
IFCI Employees Apartments, Sector 22

Residents of Dream Apartments in Sector 22, Dwarka, are facing significant challenges due to the ongoing construction of a new flyover connecting to Dwarka Expressway. With the slip road still under construction, all traffic is routed through the service lane, causing daily inconveniences and safety hazards. Residents, who have lived here for decades, feel overlooked by authorities who failed to consult them on the project's impact. They urge prompt action to ensure community safety and convenience. 
Ms. Bindu Sethi, Dreams Apartments, Sector-22

“The traffic situation in Dwarka in Sector-22 has aggravated due to a nearby flyover. The road becomes a nightmare of gridlocked traffic in the evening and is becoming an inconvenience for residents. Authorities and police must take urgent action and address the issue of persistent traffic jams, especially during peak hours. It is also difficult to cross the road. There is also the possibility of accidents, and persistent honking by vehicle drivers becomes a nightmare for us.”
Mahesh, Security Guard
Subham Apartments, Sector-22

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