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Dwarka Police Awards Best Secured Societies

Dwarka City News

Dwarka District witnessed a jubilant celebration of community security initiatives and successful mobile recovery efforts in a felicitation ceremony held at CCRT, Sector-7, Dwarka on the evening of May 6th, 2024. The event, graced by esteemed dignitaries and attended by residents from various walks of life, marked a significant milestone in the collaborative efforts between the Delhi Police and Dwarkaites towards fostering safer neighborhoods. Spl. Commissioner of Police, Law and Order Division, Zone - II, Delhi, Madhup Kumar Tewari, IPS, along with other notable officials including Jt. CP/ WR, Delhi, Vikramjeet Singh, IPS and DCP Dwarka, Ankit Kumar Singh, IPS, honored the best secured Cooperative Group Housing Societies (CGHS) and Delhi Development Authority (DDA) societies.

Every year Dwarka Police does security audit of societies to encourage societies to update their security systems. The best secured society is felicitated by senior police officers. This year too the Security Audit for the society and DDA pocket was done. Delhi Police had started the process and forms were filled followed by physical inspection. Various committees comprising of people from different walks of life were made. After a meticulous security audit conducted by 11 dynamic groups comprising 24 individuals, 9 winner societies were recognized across three categories: CGHS, DDA Multi- Storey, and DDA. Nishant Gupta, Addl. DCP-I/Dwarka, extended a warm welcome to all attendees and expressed gratitude towards them. He then provided a brief overview of the ongoing security audit conducted in Dwarka's societies. This audit involved the participation of 24 members from five resident welfare forums. The audit was completed with great detail within a span of 21 days. Each society was evaluated on 25 parameters, with assistance from society members, SHOs, and others. Marks were assigned to each society, including negative markings whereever necessary. Gupta further informed that societies identified with deficiencies were notified via letters, and they have been given time until October to address these issues. A new survey will be conducted between October and December, during which a new committee will be formed. By January, a review will be conducted, and awards will be distributed in February, 25. Additionally, a new format has been introduced with some new points related to technology added to the existing 25 points. These include emergency bullet systems, motion sensors with alarms, smart CCTV cameras installed by individual residents, vehicle stickers for identification, and central locks. Another highlight of the event was distribution of recovered mobile phones to the owners. In a display of unwavering commitment to public safety, DCP Dwarka, Ankit Kumar Singh, IPS, oversaw the distribution of 204 recovered mobile phones to their rightful owners. The rapid recovery of these devices within a span of three weeks underscores the dedication and efficiency of the Dwarka District Police in addressing community concerns. The felicitation ceremony not only celebrated achievements but also served as a platform to reinforce the bond between law enforcement authorities and the community. Prominent forums of Dwarka actively contributed to the security audit, highlighting the strength of police-public relationships and community-driven security programs. Looking ahead, the organizers expressed their commitment to fostering renewed cooperation from social organizations of Dwarka, with plans to enhance the criteria for future security assessments. The success of this year's event sets the stage for continued endeavors aimed at promoting a safer and more secure environment for all residents. The felicitation ceremony was marked by glittering festivities and heartfelt camaraderie, with attendees indulging in lively conversations accompanied by delectable cuisine. The event served as a testament to the collective resolve and spirit of community engagement in Dwarka. The Dwarka District Police, under the leadership of DCP Dwarka, Ankit Kumar Singh, IPS, reaffirmed their unwavering dedication to ensuring the safety and security of residents. Their tireless efforts and proactive measures reflect a shared commitment to creating a harmonious and resilient community. 

The Question and Answer interactive session was also held. Aman Bhandari asked questions related to fire, identity card, police Mitra scheme revival, police verification camp etc. The residents said that issues related to beggars, transgenders need to be resolved. Also dogs feeding station should be constructed. A S Chhatwal informed about dark areas in Dwarka and not working of CCTV cameras. Sapna Sinha said that all associations should be well maintained so that all can do the work effectively. Additional DCP-1 wrote down all issues and DCP Ankit Kumar Singh said that all issues will be resolved soon.

Here’s what the guests said-

As the Chief Guest, I extend my warm greetings to all ACPs, inspectors, SHOs, and distinguished guests from various societies. I congratulate everyone for their forward-thinking approach and unity in the face of diverse challenges. I appreciate the significant efforts put into conducting the security audit, reminiscing about the decision made in 2018 under the leadership of Anto Alphonse, the then DCP of Dwarka and ACP, Rajender Singh, to initiate such an audit with Federation of CGHS Dwarka. I express my delight at the resumption of this initiative by Ankit. One must realise the importance of ongoing vigilance and adaptation in security measures, and it is a continuous process rather than a one-time endeavor. I encourage the promotion of this audit as a platform for healthy competition among societies, emphasizing the need for regular checks on security systems and staying updated with technological advancements. Additionally, I emphasise the significance of cyber security awareness and suggest the reinstatement of night patrolling."
Madhup Kumar Tewari, IPS, Spl. Commissioner of Police
Law & Order Division, Zone - II, Delhi 

I congratulate and appreciate all RWAs and MCs for their enthusiasm. With around 300 residents within each society, it's akin to a small village, highlighting the sense of community and coordination among the residents, which I found commendable. I observed that despite being perceived as societies with low security consciousness, the people have proven me wrong by actively taking steps towards enhancing security within their societies. In conclusion, I appreciate the proactive approach of residents in prioritizing security for themselves and their societies.
         Vikramjeet Singh, IPS
Jt. CP/WR, Delhi

“This program was initially planned earlier but was delayed slightly due to the farmers' protest. However, a timeline has been set to continue this practice for future endeavors, ensuring that all technological advancements are integrated smoothly. Dwarka subdivision comprises 352 societies, with presidents in attendance, along with several prominent associations and groups. These entities not only address society-specific issues but also actively participate in social activities to contribute to the welfare of Dwarka as a whole. I have been attending numerous functions recently, including events like cycle distributions for underprivileged children by the Rotary Club of Delhi Govinda, showcasing the active involvement of Dwarka residents in community initiatives. The purpose of this security audit is not just about prevention but also about ensuring the well-being of residents. I emphasis the importance of staying updated with technological upgrades and thank everyone for their efforts in crime prevention. I have noted a significant decrease in street crimes, attributing it to collective efforts.”
Ankit Kumar Singh, IPS
DCP Dwarka

I express gratitude to all participants for their active involvement and emphasise the importance of ongoing efforts to ensure community safety. It is heartening to see so many participants with renewed commitments towards building a safer and more resilient Dwarka.

Anurag Dwivedi, IPS
Addl. DCP-II


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