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While cricket holds a revered status akin to a religion in India, it's surprising that people do not know much about another cricket team in the country. The team has been overlooked for several years and it is the Indian Wheelchair Cricket Team. The team is now gaining popularity and people are becoming aware of this type of cricket specially in Dwarka, thanks to efforts of Mukesh Sinha and Vinod Thakur, the famous legless dancer.
In Dwarka, it was in 2018, an unique and pioneering cricket tournament took place in the sub- city, known as the IWPL - Indian Wheelchair Cricket Premier League. Modeled after the immensely popular IPL, this tournament aimed to captivate cricket enthusiasts from Delhi and beyond. And indeed it did! The tournament saw tremendous success over its four seasons. Following the triumph of the Indian Wheelchair Cricket Premier League in 2018, 2019, 2022, and 2023, Dwarka-Delhi is once again preparing to host the 5th edition organized by Dwarka City, Ek Mutthi Trust, Association of Social and Cultural Events in collaboration with the Divyang Cricket Control Board of India. IWPL-1, 2, 3, and 4 garnered significant attention with numerous dignitaries and prominent personalities associated with the event. This year, the Wheelchair Premier League will once again take place at Bal Bhavan International School Cricket Ground in Sector-12, Dwarka, from June 17th to June 23rd, 2024. Mukesh Sinha, Mg. editor of Dwarka City is the convenor of the event and organiser is Vinod Thakur, famous legless dancer. First meeting to plan preparations of the IWPL was held between organisers and Divyang Cricket Control Board of India (DCCBI) at Chattisgarh Bhawan. Haroon Raseed, the Secretary of the Divyang Cricket Control Board of India, highlights that the Indian team embarked on notable international visits, including Pakistan in 2008, Bangladesh in 2011, and Sri Lanka in 2013. Moreover, they traveled to Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, engaging with international players and showcasing their skills. The institutional patronage and wholehearted support for the cause are indeed heartening. The IWPL tournament and its organization boast leading figures as its patrons, such as Kunal Gupta, Director of Bal Bhavan International School; V. P. Tandon, Director of Vandana International School; Rajpal Solanki, Director of Venkateshwar Hospital; Suresh Anand, Director of Pratham Group; Dr. C. M. Bhagat, Bhagat Chandra Hospital; Virender Garg, Director, Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, Surender Kumar, Director, Kasturi Jewelers; Praveen Kumar, Chairman, SAM International School, and Mr. Rajender Singh, Former ACP of Dwarka.
Mukesh Sinha, states, "Dwarka City is organizing a 6-day para sports event, Indian Wheelchair Cricket League-5, in June 2024 with eight teams at Bal Bhavan International School, Sector-12, Dwarka, New Delhi. It provides a significant platform for individuals with disabilities on wheels. IWPL-5 is conceptualized akin to the Indian Premier League, offering a sports opportunity to people with disabilities on wheels. This tournament serves as a platform to showcase talents on wheelchairs. We have been receiving support from all walks of life in Dwarka, Delhi, and the NCR. We are grateful to the sponsors and supporters of IWPL-1, 2, 3 and 4."  The upcoming 5th season of the Indian Wheelchair Premier League (IWPL) is generating excitement and anticipation among both organizers and supporters. Mukesh Sinha announced that the IWPL committee held its inaugural meeting, deciding to organize the match from June 17th to June 23rd in Dwarka. He said, “Eight teams will participate, and the team selection process has already commenced under the Divyang Cricket Control Board of India. We expect to finalize the teams by the 25th of this month, after which the tournament will be conducted with great enthusiasm in Dwarka. Around 150 players from different states will showcase their passion and determination. We aim for this program to be even more successful than before. We want to convey to the residents of Dwarka to come, enjoy the match, and increase their encouragement. When these individuals can come from different corners of the country, we can at least support them with just clapping.” Ms. Sudha Sinha, the co-convenor, highlighted the remarkable growth of IWPL since its inception, evolving from 5 teams to now boasting 8 teams. She says, “As the Co-Convenor, I'm proud to highlight the remarkable growth of IWPL since its inception, evolving from 5 teams to now boasting 8 teams. I am proud of the event's success over the years and express gratitude for the increasing state support and diverse sponsorships, including notable endorsements from icons like Sachin Tendulkar, who stressed the importance of promoting such initiatives. With the backing of Dwarka City News and other media outlets, I urge the community to rally behind IWPL, inviting more spectators to witness the matches and elevate the spirit of the players.” The members who joined the meeting were  Vinod Thakur, Davinder  Paul, Mohammad Tahir, Abha Gurain, Zainab, Bharti Kanojia, Sanjiv Bindlish, Manoj Gupta, Bhatnagar,Deepak Varma, H. S. Malhotra, Bhavna Pandey, D. K. Azad, Rajeev Srivastav, Ms. Bhanushree, Jitendra Yadav, Charanjit Singh Majethia.

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