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Garbage Heaps Dot Dwarka’s Sectors

The apathy in maintenance of civic infrastructure is glaring. A vast majority of areas and markets are full of garbage heaps, dustbins are overflowing. There is garbage, stink, unhealthy sanitation and absence of maintenance everywhere you see. It is such a shocking state since this is such a modern and planned residential hub. With a growing population and increase in commercial activity this problem is getting aggravated. In spite of all the complaints and issues raised by residents, this problem continues to persist. It is commonly seen that there is regular water logging even after a short spell of rain and the water does not drain out because of choked drains. One can see heaps of stinking uncleared garbage strewn on main roads. Garbage collection and sweeping of the roads and lanes is given the least priority. One can see huge mounds of garbage in front of Sarvodaya Apartment parking road. The same situation is seen in Sector 14 near Vegas Mall and Orchid Valley Sector -19B. Points out Vijay Shastri, a resident, “One can see mounds of garbage lying everywhere. It looks like it has never been cleaned for the past several months.”


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