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Open Drains – No Respite for Residents

The issue of open drains has been a regular problem that the residents of Dwarka have been living with. There are several places even in busy areas where open drains are a common occurrence, particularly on footpaths. According to Dharam Kumar, “This was an extremely risky situation as a lot of people used this footpath and it could cause a mishap anytime.” There are dangerous and open drains in various parts of the sub city. Some of these are near Vegas Mall and Atulya chowk, Sec 14. Other similar cases of open drains are seen near Sector 17 police station near Rajkiya Sarvodaya Vidyalaya. Big open drains are present in Golf link Residency as well. Here too, there was a long standing problem of missing drain cover slabs, across the road, along the footpath. Inform Sadhana Gupta, a resident, “We are making continuous efforts to get covers placed on the drains so that there is no possibility of any mishaps taking place due to negligence. But the authorities always turn a deaf ear to our complaints. In is now common knowledge that a lot of serious accidents and even a fatal one has occurred as a result of open drains. When will the authorities realise that these open drains are a deathly trap? I hope they realise it sooner rather than later”.


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